Wednesday, August 29, 2012

roaming around rekyjavík

Hello from Iceland! It's hard to believe I've only been here for two days; I feel like I've had the chance to do so much. I can't even explain to you how spectacular it is... or how cold, much more so than I'd expected :). So, I thought I'd take you on a tour of the smallest big city, Rekyjavík before my busy tomorrow of a morning coffee date, afternoon at the Blue Lagoon, and late night flight to Paris. Shall we?
[Hallgrímskirkja church]
[Laugavegur, Reykjavik's main shopping street]
[Lunch at Buddha Restaurant featuring miso soup (with shrimp), chopsticks from home (literally), and a spicy salmon-avocado sushi roll]
[Old town center]
[Listasafn Reykjavíkur (Reykjavík Art Museum)]
[Happy hour (and room tour) at Icelandair Hotel Reykjavík Marina]
[Lobster soup dinner #1 (& whale) at Saegreifinn with CouchSurfing friends]
[Fish & chips dinner #2 with skyr dessert at Icelandic Fish & Chips]
[Red wine nightcap at Cafe Rot]
[the "night's" sky at 10pm... yeah, I know]


  1. Oh my goodness, you just made me so excited for our trip! (officially booked as of yesterday) I'm assuming you went through Iceland Air - we're hoping it goes as well for us!

  2. Isn't Saegreifinn fantastic??? And I got a kick of all those silly bronze statues scattered across town. Looks great so far!

  3. @findlingsfinds: I'm so glad! Iceland is amazing. I did fly IcelandAir... and only so I could stop-over :) enjoy!

    @Natt Garun: Yes! Delicious. I had a great time. Thanks so much for your tips.

  4. I have an icelandic friend i'm always saying I will visit.. this might just tip me over the edge!


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