Monday, August 13, 2012

bostonian appeal

When I was a little girl, I wished to live in Boston. I couldn't help myself after having seen how lovely life in Beantown could be in The Parent Trap. A family vacation later proved the fact. Eventually, that wish developed into a collegiate hope as I set my eyes on Boston College. But that didn't quite work out; I was wait-listed at BC and instead had the most wonderful experience at Syracuse University. Then I road-tripped, backpacked, and accepted my first "real" job in New York. And now, of course, I'm moving to Paris. Although I haven't yet determined how Boston fits into the mix, my love for the New England city has hardly faltered. I feel so very fortunate to have so many amazing friends to visit there.
Friday, 6:30pm: wine, chips, salsa followed by sushi while party-primping.
Saturday, 11:00am: sunny stroll through South Boston.
Saturday, 11:30am: brunch at Mul's Diner: scrambled eggs with broccoli, hash browns, blueberry pancakes, and coffee with cream.
Saturday, 1:10pm: hiking up and down Dorchester Hill.
Saturday, 2:30pm: soaking up the sun while Kelsey read us magazine horoscopes.
Saturday, 3:45pm: a frozen yogurt snack.
Saturday, 6:30pm: socializing with gorgeous friends at a Brookline barbecue.
Saturday, 9pm: The Avenue's El Niño burger with sweet potato tater tots and a Sam Adams Brick Red. (Note: we missed the burgers at the barbecue.)
Sunday, 11:30pm: coffee date in Somerville with Katie and Liana.
Sunday, 2:00pm: late lunch at Passports: fresh lobster roll with side salad. 
Sunday, 3:10pm: Gloucester tour with Steph, Lauren, Elaine, and Katie.
Sunday, 3:25pm: a return to the Cape's beaches.
Sunday, 3:45pm: pre-driving snack: soft-serve ice cream twist in a sugar cone.
This past weekend was kind of perfect. I spent time with eight of my favorite friends (and sorority sisters) within or around Boston and had an absolute blast doing it. Whether or not I ever actually end up there, I am definitely already missing them now that I'm gone (and really going soon). Until next time, B.


  1. i love seeing my city in a different set of words and images. you've been to so many places i've never been to, this makes me so excited to go back! tell boston i say hi and i'll be home soon :)

  2. Yes! I love Boston obviously after going to school there and lived in the growing south end (not to be confused wih south Boston / southie). So happy you had a great time!

  3. I'm going to be in Boston this weekend for HLS!! Are you going to be there again this year?!

  4. @Mackenzie: Boston said she misses you! :)

    @Claire: How fun would it have been if you were still there?! Thanks, love.

    @Katelyn: How fun! Sadly, I'm not going to make it. Have a fabulous time for me please!


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