Monday, March 29, 2010

one (million) hit wonders

Hola PEEPS! And I mean that in the sense of the candy that my friends are currently eating :) hope you have a wonderful weekend! I don't know about you but I'm feeling the Monday Blues like none other: I hardly slept last night, was running all day (figuratively and literally at some point), and now, although I'm buzzed off beer (from class), I have a to-do list the size of my frizzy hair in the current rainy weather. Can we return to this weekend already?
I spent my Friday night with Strasbourg friends. Lindsey was visiting from Colorado so we threw a party in our honor, and even with  very little alcohol consumption, we went crazy ;).
Perhaps our enthusiasm was a result of the playlist, a genius mix of one-hit-wonders. Oh, the hyper storms of dancing were glorious. What a time of L.F.O. (laughter & fun overall, although "Lyte Funky Ones" may be appropriate too)! These are only two of many, many photos.
I sprang up the next morning feeling refreshed and excited for another pending reunion. Before I got there though, there was work to be done. I sat at Barnes & Noble being studious, as per usual (or at least most of the time), from about noon to five thirty. I was quite productive, efficient, and more excitingly, received an unexpected yet flattering proposal that afternoon as well. 
Later on, I picked up my forever-roommate C, her girl friend, and the rest of the freshman year crew who were available for a downtown dinner. K and I planned on being creative but in the end, our Pastabilities won. We could not resist their magical spicy tomato oil which is served with their coveted stretch bread at every meal. This may not be a beautiful picture, but I wanted to capture the candle light ambiance. So romantic for a couple of best friends ;).
Next, I enjoyed a smaller version of their house salad that came with my meal. I tried to indulge the spontaneity bug by not ordering the standard pasta entrée like the others:
I'm probably not giving them enough credit though, each of their dishes looked amazing in it's own unique way and tasted even better--Just look at that baked spinach and feta manicotti, 
or perhaps the pesto on that penne.--Despite my immense commencement with my own meal, there was no way I could have avoided having at least four "outside bites."
What was it that I, the Pastabilities revolutionary, ordered then? Their Hot Eggplant and Pesto Sandwich. Holy YUM! Please, by all means, take a gander at the description: "Crispy eggplant, marinated tomatoes, fresh mozzarella & basil pesto on our fresh bakery foccacia with side of house tomato sauce for dipping. Served with house fries or tossed green salad." Exactly. Paired with a glass of wine, it was one of the best choices I've ever made.
That is all for now, but be forewarned, this is all just the beginning of the fantastical events that continued into Sunday! And with that, I think I'm ready to focus now, nighttime soy latte time. I told you it was one of the Mondays... have a good one!


  1. What a fun weekend! Can[t wait to see the rest!

    Yeah, that sandwich looks pretty janky. Foccacia...mmmm...

  2. I had a similar sammie this weekend and it was TO DIE FOR as well. Gotta love eggplant, especially when it's fried :) Glad you had a good weekend and I hope you have a great day!!

  3. Susan: Thanks!

    Gabriela: Ahhhmazing! Thanks, you too!

  4. Susan: Thanks!

    Gabriela: Ahhhmazing! Thanks, you too!


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