Wednesday, September 14, 2011

the travel bug, part 1

I just finished reading an article in this month's Condé Nast Traveler, When the Rich Go Wild. The title is both annoying and endearing, but the content itself, wonderful. It was about wealthy environmentalists and the gorgeous places they're preserving all over the world.
It made me want to go somewhere.
I'm not the only one with an interest in "travel". Many people claim to have it, but few have the same version as I. There are those who consider travel to mean vacation. It could involve a beach or slopes but it always equates relaxation. Then there are others who translate travel to an itinerary. They research and plan, research and plan, and spend a few days in a foreign country experiencing that which has already become somewhat expected. And then there's me
There's a reason they call it "the travel bug." This effervescent desire to visit a new place, revel in it's culture, food, architecture, energy, as often as humanly possible, never does seem to go away. I have got a so-bad-it's-good case of wanderlust.
With that said, I can be satisfied with staying in one place. I usually am. I like establishing my favorite café, getting into an active routine, having the ability to consistently spend time with people I care about. I really do! Until, I don't. Sometimes this restlessness can be answered with a mere weekend getaway. Other times, I need something more. Like, you know, now.
I've been told that "I'm good at travel." Although I can't say I know exactly what that means :) I'll admit I'm flattered, especially because I absolutely love doing it. I didn't always though. I couldn't have. Looking back, there were a few turning points...

P.S. If you didn't know it already, and you probably didn't, Jersey City is delicious. I learned this because of a certain boy, ahem, and the lovely meal we had above. For phenomenal seafood (most notably oysters), amazing service, and a fantastic beer and wine selection, please go to the Light Horse Tavern.


  1. nip nip.. that's the travel bug biting!!!

    id love to get away for a few months.

    the cliche backpack through europe, hostel hop, eat tons of pastries, wander down cobblestown streets kinda thing.

    one day..

  2. You would be a fantastic travel buddy!

    I also suffer from incurable wanderlust, but you're right. It never seems to go away completely. Hopefully I can placate is a while longer :)

  3. I think I may have the same 'problem' as you -- I don't like sitting on a beach for a few days (unless I really need the rest), I hate going on guided tours, and all I really want to do is wander where my interests and curiosity take me. I've been doing a lot of solo exploration here in Copenhagen, and I couldn't be happier with all that I've experienced. I'm starting to plan my 2 weeks of travel around Europe, and I can't wait to go everywhere my little heart desires and not cater to anyone else's preferences.

  4. Tropical Eats: Let's go, you and me, right now.

    gracedevine: Ha, I sure hope so! As independent as I am, I love the companionship.

    lookthroughmyspecs: Even I am so excited for this trip you have planned! I'm so glad I'm not the only one that "gets" this kind of travel. Enjoy it for the both of us!


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