Wednesday, April 25, 2012

remember when

Hey, remember when I used to blog about every meal? often in multiple posts? Remember when I lived in Cuenca, then Santiago, then Strasbourg? Remember when I was a pescatarian, flexitarian, raw foodist, and finally everythingtarian? Remember when I ran? Remember when I was single, had a boyfriend, lost a boyfriend, and started dating? Remember when I held a part-time job, internships, and began my career? Remember when I decided to drive across the USA and backpack through Central America? Remember when I was a college student? Remember when I frequently used exclamation points yet ignored commas?!
[Breakfast: pancakes with banana and walnuts, green tea]
 [Lunch: garlic green beans topped with a parmesan omelet]
[Dinner: fresh salmon, sautéed spinach, sweet potato, and red wine]

I do :) and sometimes it's fun to go through the archives and reflect on how much yet how little has changed, and how many more adventures we have ahead of us.


  1. Heheh...oh how much we used to do...!!!

    And now I'm craving an egg. :)

  2. The sweet potato looks great! The tuna is so fresh and healthy!

  3. @Melissa @TryingtoHeal: Right?! So funny. Now... go eat that egg, darling ;).

  4. @Los Angeles Criminal Attorney: Thanks it was! The tuna was actually salmon :) but it was delicious as well.

  5. "Remember when I frequently used exclamation points yet ignored commas?!" you crack me up, danielle.

  6. @Mackenzie: Hahaha, I crack myself up. But it is true :).


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