Friday, April 6, 2012

living consistently

Yesterday, I pinned a poster from one of my favorite tumblr blogs. It reads: "Life the life you have always imagined," and as of 1:30pm today, it has been re-pinned over 200 times. It's so nice to know such wise words don't only resonate with me.
I've described how my "dream life" would be 10 or so years from now, I keep in mind what I think I want my life to look like in about five years, but I hardly ever wake up in the morning and ask myself how I'd like to live my life today.
Perhaps I should do so more often. Recently, I read about how to strengthen optimism in Fitness Magazine: "pessimists tend to view events as beyond their control, so remind yourself who's boss the next time you're nervous about a work deadline or race." Maybe, by regularly asking myself to visualize the life I've always imagined, I'll be more likely to live it day in and day out.
Interesting thought, huh? Even though I have yet to practice this theory of mine, it is satisfying to know I hardly ever limit myself when it comes to things that consistently bring me joy: fresh produce, summer dresses, great books, family chats, park picnics, morning tea, language study, dark chocolate, spring blooms, weekend brunches, live sports, new galleries, yoga, wine, friend dates, and pizza... to name a few. Sometimes, when I'm lucky, I even combine the last four. The photos above are from such an evening with Leslie, Anna, and Megan--beginning at Yoga Vida, ending at Luzzo's. Talk about an abundant life :).


  1. i see my wine glass/myself! that was a damn good pizza. any time you want to return, i'm so down.

  2. @Anna: Ha, you spied correctly! That it was. I'd be up for that too, or exploring one of the other places we didn't end up at that night. There are so many pizza possibilitieszzz

  3. i like the way you think, lady. xo

  4. @Mackenzie: Thank you, darling. I like the way you think too :).

  5. Thought-provoking post! For me it seemed like you were wanting to live your values everyday, which makes sense. That pizza looks sooo good.

  6. @Hope Johnson: Thanks! And yes, exactly! I'm so glad you get "it" as well as the pizza (which was so good).


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