Monday, April 16, 2012

weekends are for celebrating

My social calendar has been completely overrun by birthday parties for the next few weeks. I'm thrilled. I love festive reasons to get together with friends I'm not able to see often, let alone all at the same time. And I believe that toasting to another great year of life while surrounded by them is a wonderful thing. This past weekend, I celebrated Nihara's 24th, amongst other things...
Saturday, 1pm: Happy beautiful weather! (Barbecue with high-school friends.)
Saturday, 7:30pm: Happy visiting from Boston! (Sushi with Liana and boys.)
Saturday, 12:00am: Happy birthday, Nihara! (Karaoke.) Happy sorority love! (Karaoke-ing to "Build Me Up Buttercup.")
Saturday, 3:00am: Happy New York livin'! (Pepperoni pizza.)
Sunday, 11:30am: Happy health! (Yoga and an all greens from Liquiteria.)
Sunday, 1:15pm: Happy energy! (Brunch with strong coffee and a mimosa.)
Sunday, 3:30pm: Happy it's almost summer in the city! (A long stroll through the streets, followed by a leisurely afternoon with a bucket of beer on the water.)
It was quite obviously a fun one... that also ended bittersweetly with a wake on Long Island. (My grandmother's cousin suddenly and unexpectedly passed away earlier this week.) Yet despite the somber occasion, I was reminded, once again, of the importance of celebrating family each and every day. I certainly feel blessed to have such a gosh darn good one. Hope your weekend was mostly happy, too.


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