Wednesday, November 12, 2008

i've got visitors!

My darling parents are currently on a plane and headed in my direction... lucky me! I'm psyched to see them again and I've got such a fun next few days planned for us. Tomorrow we're going on a city tour. It's weird, as long as I've lived in Santiago, I still haven't done one city tourist thing. It'll be an exciting first time for all of us and lots of pictures for sure! Then, early Friday morning we're headed to the coast, Zapallar to be exact, one of the most beautiful beaches in Chile. We're staying there 2 nights, enjoying the sun, relaxing on the beach, visiting the markets, and best of all, going out to eat at the best seafood restaurant ever! When I mentioned to my host-mom where I was taking them she immediately said, "¿En serio? ¡Tengo que ir al Chiringuito!" She literally told me I had to go, I had not choice, it would simply be un-Chilean not to. So go we will :). More plans after the food!
Yesterday we had Salmon Patties for dinner. To go along with the theme, my host-mom put a fishy spin on the rice, adding asparagus, corn, and clams, and made a pretty cucumber & onion salad. Yummmy!

Dinner was an unexpected choice, lentils, but good all the same. Trouble is, with all the heat no one was able to finish their bowl, it was just too heavy. So! we moved onto the best course, the vegetables.

The lettuce is self-explanatory. The asparagus, on the other hand- we ate it steamed, and cold. It was quite odd actually. I'm going to suggest we roast the tasty little spears next time, it's my favorite way to eat 'em.

To flavorfy (new word!) the asparagus my host-mom broke out the Remoulade. What?! I'm still not sure what it is, lol, I think something like horseradish? There was a sale on German products in the supermarket so we've got a couple of unknown goods :). By the way, don't know if I ever mentioned it, but the German influence is huge here. There was a large wave of German immigrants in Chile's past and today the country has a few authentic German towns, the German language is the second most studied after English, some of the best private hospitals and schools (my host-sister's) were founded by Germans, and, there are evidently lots of German imports. Who knew?

Back to weekend plans! After two days in paradise we're driving back to Santiago on Sunday... but not before stopping by Valparaíso and Viña del Mar for some lunch and a walking tour. Monday I'm booked with classes so the parents will have the day of to do some shopping, and finally, Tuesday, is the long-awaited wine tour in Colchagua Valley aka the next Napa Valley. I think I'm making the trip worth their while :) wouldn't you say? They leave Wednesday afternoon so I didn't plan anything, just some good quality time together. I may only have a month left but that doesn't mean I'll miss them any less when they go! Ah, leaving, that's right... in that case, who wants to visit next?!

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