Friday, June 13, 2008

farewell CVS

What a looonng night! It was oddly slow the entire time I was working which great in that I got to socialize with my co-workers more (don't tell my boss :) but not so great because time was moving slower than molasses! I made it out to tell the tale though so I'm going to say it was not to shabby for a final day working for CVS/Pharmacy. I began working there the spring of my junior year of high school and just have not been able to get away since. It's convenient because they like me so they were more than happy to hire me for a month and a week when I know I couldn't have possibly gotten a new job for such a short period of time but I hate feeling like I haven't made any progress. Mind you, it's a part-time job but still. Anyway, as of now that is, next summer I'll have a full time (hopefully paying) internship so I won't need to go crawling back. Yay for growing up in that sense! I literally took this picture as I was running out the door today on my way to work. My afternoon snack of an Apple and Kashi TLC Trail Mix Granola Bar unfortunately did not hold me over much at all. I wanted dinner asap! Luckily I packed something yummy! An Amy's Black Bean Burrito and a large salad that I threw together at home earlier. Oddly enough, I still found myself rather hungry a couple of minutes ago when I got home from work, so I had a snack of 2 of my Late July cookies (apparently they are vegan... according to the box) with 1/2 cup of blueberries. Even now, as we "speak" I'm snacking on a half of a corn on the cob. What is with me?! I really hope everything settles and I feel satisfied soon! I need to get a good night's rest because I have to finish packing tomorrow. Have a great night, see you in the AM!

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