Monday, March 5, 2012


If, five years ago, you'd asked me why someone would visit Oklahoma, I wouldn't have been able to answer. I'd probably have pictured the entire state like this, too:
Unless that someone were seeking wide open spaces in middle America, I never knew why anyone would want to go to Oklahoma. That is, until I went to college.
As I've told you many times before, K (Karen) and I met freshman year when we lived down the hall from each other. We've been best friends ever since. Her, C, and I made a magical little trio, and we soon invited the wonderful J into the mix.
She is one of my favorite people in the whole wide world. One reason (of many) being that we love travel and adventure in the same way: In 2006, we sake bombed in Philadelphia. In 2009, her and C met me in London, and once I was back in the states, we celebrated Applefest in Ithaca. In 2010, we went to Montreal, and Niagara Falls, and Toronto. In 2011, we tried our joint luck in Atlantic City.
She has also visited C and I many, many times in New York, whereas I have only flown to Oklahoma once. I visited her hometown of Tulsa in the summer of 2007. It was amazing to meet her childhood friends, dine at her favorite restaurants, eat her mom's peach cobbler, shop, and "float the river." But to think, had I not met the ever-fabulous K, I wouldn't know what I'd been missing in Oklahoma.
I'm one lucky girl to be able to call her my friend. That's why I made it a point to stop in Oklahoma City on my road trip. Still, she was new to the area then and had just started medical school; we only explored and mingled as best we could. I have a feeling the experience is going to be a whole lot different this time around.
Yes, my dears, I will be Oklahoma-bound soon. In just 10 days, K and I will be embarking on a glorious plan of events, including a phenomenal concert, a celebration with her residency-bound sister, a night on the town with med school friends, lots of good food, a possible St. Patty's Day party in Dallas, and as always, quality time with my best friend. I can hardly contain my excitement..!


  1. Ooh ooh ooh this is awesome! I kind of want to go to every single state, especially states that seem really different than good ole New York. Like... Kentucky. And Tennessee. Etc. Can't wait for you to report back!

  2. @Katie: Oh, it is :) and so true. I can't wait to report back either!

  3. I want to visit there someday as well! Have fun!!

  4. Hope you get the chance to do so! Thank you!!!


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