Saturday, March 10, 2012

culinary delights of the pacific northwest

Hey there! I'm Ilana. I go to culinary school, am constantly thinking up things I want to cook, and I blog about it all over at whisked.

For the past two years, I've been at culinary school in New York State, and of the people I've met out here, more people than not have never been to the Pacific Northwest. 

I'm here to tell you this is ludicrous! It's bonkers, really. See, the northeast is awesome--the restaurants in Boston and New York have really blown me away, but my heart is in Seattle, and for good reason!

You might be picturing dreary gray skies right now and maybe the space needle, but Seattle also happens to have the most gorgeous summers around, tons of towering trees, ocean, mountains, hiking, lakes, super fresh seafood and produce, farms, Pike Place Market and a good many amazing little restaurants. 

I hope you're getting ready to plan you're trip the PNW (Pacific Northwest) after you read this post.

I also hope you like oysters, because Seattle has a lot of them...

I used to hate these slimy guys... and then I ate at The Walrus and The Carpenter and things changed. Things changed big time.  Walrus is my favorite restaurant in Seattle, they have the freshest, sweetest little pacific oysters (did I mention oysters are incredibly sustainable?) in a tiny spot in the neighborhood of Ballard. Ballard is adorable, it has the sweet little shops and an epic farmers market on the weekend. 

Not into oysters just yet?

These guys can also quickly convince you how delicious sardines and smoked trout are. I swear, you will leave a believer.

This restaurant is tiny, and I love that. I love a cozy atmosphere with simply delicious food. I feel like Seattle has a lot of places that fit that description. I can't complain!

For dessert? Well in the summer I head back home to snack on the fruits of my labor. And that fruit is raspberry. Washington is crawling with berries. Wild, plentiful, berries. I even have a raspberry bush growing in my backyard, you know what that means right? A boat load of jam to last the whole year.

Living in a place that offers the culture and food scene of a busy city and an irresistible bounty of local produce has spoiled me rotten. I love going blackberry picking in the late summer months, and making my own jams and pies. I think it's something I just couldn't do without.

Hello, farmers market! I told you the produce was gorgeous, and yes- those are purple peppers. 

Another one of my favorite spots is Sitka and Spruce. Check it out, they have a lovely website. 
How cute is that place?!?
The food is beautiful and unique. 
Like so many restaurants in seattle, this spot has a comforting atmosphere; a place you could enjoy with friends, family, or even a hot date.

It's hard to describe what makes this city so special. But where else can you sit at a restaurant with a view of the ocean while a huge mountain range sits right over your shoulder? Not many places! And good food to top it all off? In love. I am totally head over heals in love with this city.

So if you get the chance or some extra airline miles, I highly recommend, if not demand that you stop by the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Do yourself a favor though and make it a summer trip, oh! and save room for dessert because I didn't even touch on the one of a kind ice cream over at molly moon's!

Thank you so much for sharing, Ilana! I absolutely loved my time in Seattle and cannot wait to go back. It's a good thing I'm friends with people like you and my roommate ;). As for everyone else, if you'd like to contribute to the Plates from Around the World series, please email me your favorite foodie place along with a description and photos. Hope you're having the most wonderful weekend.

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