Thursday, October 20, 2011

summer times

Spring was my favorite season until 2008. It was that year that I spent June through December in the southern hemisphere (mostly in Santiago, Chile), and experienced two winters into spring. I literally and figuratively missed fall; So much so, that in that next year and every year thereafter, I've had a special affinity for autumn, and vibrant leaves, and apple-picking, and squash soups.
With that said, I like summer too. Right now I find myself missing the laid back, carefree, warm sunshine, and momentarily salty breeze of it all. Lucky for me, today I also discovered a missing recap of another overnight in Atlantic City
In 24 hours, K and I spent time strolling along the boardwalk, devouring local seafood, losing money at the casino (it was my first official time gambling, by the way) and lounging at the beach. It was kind of perfect. Let's re-live it, shall we?
[K and The Reserve at Bally's]
[spiced nuts, mini baguettes, whipped butter, a camera-shy California Pinot]
[seared Atlantic halibut with melted leek, edamame & crab ragout, cured lemon & sea urchin butter sauce (this was good; K's jumbo crab-stuffed prawns, better)]
[New York-style cheesecake on a graham cracker crust with fruit compotes]
[demonstrating my love-hate relationship with the addictive slot machines]
[the beauty of the real Jersey shore (and a Starbucks spinach, feta & egg wrap)]

Here's to hoping that next year's summer is just as fun and adventurous. Until then, I will gladly enjoy the remainder of another beloved and beautiful fall...


  1. I have a new appreciation for fall now. Even though I don't have much of the changing colors thing, but living the mountains has let me experiece that "crispness" in the air that comes with the cooler weather. I'm loving it! Until the snow comes...then I'll be hollering for summer!

  2. Melissa @TryingtoHeal: I'm so glad you're enjoying it! I too am also vying for the next season. Maybe we should both actively try to enjoy the present :).


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