Friday, May 21, 2010

senior week, day 5

Hello my sweets. I hope you enjoyed the recap of my "how the heck did I get so lucky? somebody please pinch me" night in Toronto! Friday wasn't quite as exciting but nonetheless pleasant. It began with a stroll along Lake Ontario and ended with a night on the town back in Syracuse, NY. In between, K and I amused ourselves with a walk through  the historic North St. Lawrence Market, the general downtown area and then along Yonge St. for some last minute graduation shopping before our drive back into the states. I'm feeling quite tired and somewhat sick today so I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. Enjoy...
P.S. I like this template better, it's sophisticated without the flashy factor :).


  1. hmmm...lets try this! Sounds and looks like another amazing day lady!

  2. Commenting is working now I think? Anyway, I love the photos in this post and I hope you feel better soon!

  3. These photos are lovely. I really like the discovery walk picture for some reason!

  4. i just died at that picture of the "eat local" with the rubber (?) chicken next to it.

    everything looks gorgeous though. i love that you ended your last semester in such style. i'd expect nothing less!

  5. claire: It was, thanks :)

    Little Bookworm: Thank you sweetheart!

    littlemisspotato: Thanks, I actually really like that one too.

    leslie: Haha, yes. Thank you!


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