Monday, March 12, 2012

east end kitchen

Although I live on the Upper East Side, I really reside in Yorkville. According to the ever-trustworthy Wikipedia, its boundaries include: the East River on the east, 96th Street to the north, Third Avenue on the west and 72nd Street/59th Street to the south. It's a cute, eclectic little neighborhood, and I love it dearly. Spending so much time here during the day, I've really had a chance to discover more current neighborhood favorites and those of yesteryears. The western half had apparently been referred to as "Irishtown," East 86th Street had been called "German Broadway," and there was/is a significant Hungarian population--a conclusion I came to as per the sheer amount of Hungarian churches and bakeries.
Now, I most often find myself in the company of young families, fellow twenty-somethings, and more than a few French-speakers at an adorable and new-ish "American Bistro," East End Kitchen. I usually only have a coffee or tea to keep me company, but I have noticed significant improvements in the menu and service.
This past weekend, I hosted a friend at my apartment. Following a late night mourning Syracuse's loss, we woke up especially hungry and early (read: before noon) on Saturday morning. We decided to round the corner to join the small following at East End Kitchen. They serve a delicious and affordable brunch.
Really, though. For only $13, I enjoyed the huevos rancheros (with black beans, salsa, crispy tortillas, and guacamole) and my choice of complimentary bloody mary, mimosa, orange juice, grapefruit juice, organic coffee, or SerndipiTea. With Shayne's fun and festive Housewarming Party later that day, I had coffee.
Between the fabulous food and conversation, our brunch hour passed quickly, and before leaving, we were convinced to try their house-made donuts with three dipping sauces. I was quite full at that point and only had one oh-my-gosh-so-amazing donut... but it was so worth it. The raspberry sauce was phenomenal. 
Then, we left. Laura and I took a sunshiny stroll around the neighborhood, including a stop by the farmers market, before she headed home. And I spent the rest of the afternoon lounging in the park with this new book. It was basically a perfect weekend day. Wishing you an equally as satisfying week ahead.


  1. Yorkville is such a nice neighborhood. I swam on the team at Asphalt Green (91st and York)from middle school through high school, so I basically lived in that area. Glad you are enjoying your 'hood!

    Random question, but were you on the N train near Prince Street yesterday? I think we were on the same subway but I wasn't 100% sure it was you. . .

  2. @Ada: How nice! I do love it here and I'm glad you had the chance to "get it" :). And I was on that train! Around 2pm? You should've said hi, haha, I was totally in the zone.

  3. Haha that's so funny, I thought it was you but I wasn't 100% sure so I didn't want to be super awkward and go up to you. I was the super annoying girl toting her bike on the crowded subway;)

  4. @Ada: That is too funny. Definitely come up and say hello next time :) bike and all.


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