Tuesday, April 20, 2010

an essential walking tour

Deep. Breaths. Ahhh. Today was insanity and tomorrow looks like it will be very much so as well. Apparently dropping everything and hopping across the border for the weekend is not the most responsible thing to do... oops? ;) But really. So, because I probably "shouldn't" be blogging, I've decided to simply let you take my walking tour. Ça marche? 

Let's go!- Walk through the lively Quartier Latin to Sherbrooke,
Take a left towards the international McGill University,
and absorb all that is derivatives of the French and the English dans le Centre-Ville,
You'll know you're almost at McGill when you pass the Music Building and Queen Victoria,
Admire the Roddick Gates that form the entrance to the university,
Walk around the lower campus and giggle at the statue of the late founder, McGill,
Get jealous of the students' off-campus housing opportunities, 
Walk east until you reach Boulevard St-Laurent,
Turn right on St.Laurent, a street where immigrants of all stripes first get a toehold to the city, 
Also feel free to stray away from it for a moment and experience the graffiti québécois,
Spend a bit to much money in the many trendy boutiques and thrift stores,
Be amazed at the many Portuguese influences (like that found in le Parc du Portugal), and then realize that you've been walking the wrong direction,
Turn around, but only after purchasing the priceless one-of-a-kind dress that fits like a glove,
Continue back until you reach Rue Prince Arthur. 
It is at this point a pedestrian mall so you'll be walking past many outdoor cafés, 
Thank the sky for not raining,
Continue along Prince Arthur until you reach St.-Louis Square,
Imagine living in a square that surrounds a fountain as pretty as this one,
Stop for a photo-op with a traveling companion and best friend,
Cross the Square to Rue St.-Denis and turn right,
Be a mature tourist and imitate the position of any figures that you may pass,
Go back through le Quartier Latin with a quick de-tour to Chinatown,
Return to St-Denis towards Vieux-Montréal so that you may stop into the Crêpe Café for lunch,
Order whatever caffeinated beverages will help you continue on your way,
Fall in love with the adorable creamer and consider taking it home with you, 
Savor your French-pressed black coffee
with a crêpe sucre like the Deja-Vu that is served with whipped cream and Nutella
Enter Vieux-Montreal and feel as though you've been whisked back to Paris,
Marvel at the work of many artists and galleries,
Recall a decadent lunch with French friends on your last Montréal excursion (2 years ago),
Enjoy speaking to bilingual vendors who often say "eh?",
Feel like you can touch a part of history in the stonework,
Make plans to return to this magical place again some day,
Entertain the idea of purchasing a bottle of wine for later, instead take a glance at the port,
As you head back, appreciate the many parks and planted trees, 
Take a picture of columns and clocks for no real reason at all,
You're not going to be able to resist otherwise so just stumble into Les Glaceurs already,
Stop by la basilique Notre-Dame de Montréal because it's like nothing you've ever seen before (even if you do acknowledge that Western Europe has burnt you out cathedral-wise),
Photograph "Wall Street" because the Canadian dollar is currently better than the American one,
Try to make dinner plans at the most innovative of French-Canadian cuisine, Le Garde-Manger. There's a good chance that you'll fail but do not despair... I can and I will tell you all about the fabulous nightlife next time :). Have a great night everyone!


  1. I fully support this blogging procrastination :) Gorgeous pictures, this looks like such a fun adventure! Sometimes it's good to just take off, no matter how many responsibilities you have at home...good luck this week love!

  2. This adventure looks like it's totally worth every second away from school. Montreal is such a lovely city!

  3. Gabriela: Haha, thank you!

    lookthroughmyspecs: Thanks for the support darling, it was :)

  4. This post makes me want to do nothing but shop and travel! Is it Graduation Day yet?

  5. BroccoliHut: Haha, awesome... and it will be soon :(


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