Friday, June 3, 2011

el primero

A friend of mine leaves for South America in a little less than a week. She is embarking on a semester abroad in Santiago, Chile and beginning, most likely (forgive me for not being sure), with a month of intensive language study in Cuenca, Ecuador. I did that. It blows my mind that I did that, and that it took place almost three years ago (about the same time I began blogging). It's simply amazing how many things have changed, how much I have grown, my gosh, even how many places I've lived since then: Cuenca, Santiago, Strasbourg, home, Syracuse, home, and now, New York City. So, to honor my nostalgia and just about where it all began, I will begin my quick city guides with South America.
Quito, Ecuador
Eat: La Boca del Lobo, Calama 284 and Reina Victoria
See: Basílica del Voto National, Carchi and Venzuela

Cuenca, Ecuador
Caffeinate: Cafe Austria, Benigno Malo 5-95 and Juan Jaramillo
Eat: Raymipampa Benigno, Malo 8-59 (in Plaza Mayor); Govinda's Restaurante Vegetariano, Juan Jaramillo 7-27 and Borrero; Tres Estrellas (for "cuy"), Calle Larga 1-174
Play: Wunderbar Cafe, Calle Larga and Hermano Miguel;  Cafe Eucalyptus, Gran Colombia 9-41
Dance: Blanco & Tinto, Av. Jose Peralta 2-132 and Cordero
Learn: Banco Central, El Sagrario
See: Giros (short drive outside the city)

Extra Ecuador
Eat- Café Mundi Quiroga, entre Sucre y Modesto Jaramillo -and shop in Octavlo
Sleep/camp in El Cajas

To be continued in where to go... tomorrow or Sunday :). My roommate, Catherine, and I are hosting a friend for the weekend so there's lots of fun to be had in this city until then.


  1. Thanks for posting this danielle! I will definitely try everything out!!

  2. ugh. i want to go to south america. so so so so bad!!!

  3. Aryn Rapp: You're very welcome, my love.

    Holly: ...let's go.


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