Monday, June 20, 2011

vinovino & more vino

If last week was all about slowing down, green juicing, and taking it easy... this week might as well have been the complete opposite. Nearly evening I found myself out and about, wining and dining, enjoying my workweek to the absolute fullest. My apologies for abandoning this sweet blog of mine as a result.
There's just something about wine and friends (and wine) that is so distracting and yet all the while clarifying.
I met Katie at Bottino last Monday. We caught up on life over two glasses of Montepulicano paired with three varieties of cheese and fig-ginger preserves. I'd purchased a Signpost deal a few months ago that granted us such a tasting.
Then, on Thursday, I met Leslie for a bottle of Duoro and small plates. We'd stumbled upon VinoVino before and had been intrigued. LivingSocial just allowed us to act on it. I had a fabulous time despite the fact that the Pesto Cannelini Crostini (and everything that came after) left much to be desired.
And in between I met my glittle for happy hour and a new friend for dinner.
So, although I don't check my daily horoscope, I hardly disagree with my zodiac (Gemini) profile. It's true that I appreciate going out more than I do staying in, but, I also understand the value in a lazy weekend... making this past one wonderful. The rosé at Father's Day lunch was a nice addition as well ;).
That meal I will tell you about soon. Until then, let me share a quintessential Gemini quality--going with the flow--and how it's going to translate into my life this summer--more yoga. On Monday I'll be sweating and surrendering at Earth Yoga (thank you Bloomspot). On Tuesday I will be welcoming summer with early morning downward dogs in Times Square. And on Wednesday or Thursday, I'll be using an old coupon to one of many neighborhood studios, New York Yoga. Who's to say that wine and yoga aren't a match made in heaven anyway?


  1. wine and yoga---you are my kind of girl!

  2. wine and yoga! yes please. i am right there with you!

  3. PS earth yoga is THE BEST. hands down.

  4. ahh! are you taking halle becker's class tonight? she is AMAZING. your body will be in pain tomorrow though, be aware. :)

  5. Magdalena Viktoria: Haha, thank you!

    sofia: So glad. And I know! I only bought it because I know you love the place so much. I'm excited to try it out.

    eliz@thesweetlife: Thanks! Fun it was.

    leslie: I don't think she's teaching but the class was created by her. Thanks for the warning :).

  6. love wine bars! Would love to sit down and drink some wine with you :)

  7. Pure2raw twins: Ditto. Let me know next time you're in town!


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