Tuesday, June 7, 2011

it's only natural

After a weekend (or two) of lovely decadence and unlimited indulgences... I need a break. My body is craving vegetables, a few sweaty runs, green juice a plenty, yoga and perhaps most of all, rest. Lots and lots of rest. I don't doubt that an organized bedroom, clean laundry and a bountiful bank account would help as well.
I'm young (even with a recent birthday), I'm healthy (despite being plagued by a sluggish bloat), and I am most definitely fun-seeking (no apologies). I have enjoyed every single moment of these past two weeks--including the free happy hour at the Empire Hotel Rooftop with my friend, Kate, at which I took these photos. And yet, for now, I've had enough. I would just like to go home after work and head to bed early. Thrilling? Not so much, but it's certainly called for.
So that is exactly what I'm going to do for these next three days; allow my body the rest and tender loving care it deserves, refresh my beloved apartment, give my wallet time to replenish. What is fun if I'm not well enough to enjoy it anyway? Exactly.  Don't worry though, this does not mean that things are going to get boring. We have a few previous evenings of entertainment to catch up on...


  1. Excellent! Enjoy the well-deserved rest xoxo And call me soon ;)

  2. Sometimes we just need to give ourselves a lil TLC :)

  3. VeggieGirl: Thank you, darling. Calling soon!

    saltwatercoffee: True story.

  4. so true, it is good to have fun (i have been having too much lately) but feels great to slow down

  5. Once again you've described something I love to do. After being very social I always need at least a few days on my own to re-charge. It is so healthy and makes us so much better to be around in the long run :) I have a week of socializing and indulgences ahead of me and I already look forward to decompressing next week.

  6. Pure2raw twins: Exactly :) hope you enjoy your tlc time.

    Gillian: ...you and I are the same person. :)


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