Saturday, June 25, 2011

one lucky day

Yesterday, at 4pm, I boarded a bus headed south to Atlantic City.
Why A.C. you ask? Well, I have this new friend that is originally from the area.
And he has a friend, or two of them rather, that became a Mr. and Mrs. last night.
It was such a beautiful wedding. The couple, their friends, and their family are so wonderful. The food was delicious, especially the cake (and I don't even like cake).
Beautiful, wonderful, delicious... and fun. I literally danced the night away.
In addition to enjoying a taste of an Atlantic City classy (not trashy) club.
This morning was spent sleeping in, brunching, touring and beaching. I basically had the complete A.C. experience (minus any gambling) in about 24 hours.
I know, pretty impressive ;). It was such a spontaneous trip too. Love those.


  1. weddings are baller. You don't like cake?????

  2. Weddings are the best! Atlantic City looks like a neat place to visit.

  3. looks incredibleeee :)

    hooray for spontaneity!

  4. I loved this photo posts. This looks like a fabulous trip. You know a night was great when it includes dance photos!

  5. love love LOVE your spontaneity. so glad you had fun! is that carrot cake... at a wedding? these seem like good people. haha.

  6. Sana: Haha, that they are and no I don't really. Cookies and brownies are more my thing :).

    Pure2raw twins: Agreed and it is!

    Tropical Eats: Why thank you, darling. Your excitement is much appreciated :) hope to see you soon!

    Andrea @ Imwaytoobusy: True story :).

    sofia: Good people, indeed. The carrot cake was divine.


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