Monday, June 30, 2008

el cajas

Once we returned early afternoon I rushed home for lunch and a shower. I really enjoy the outdoors but the lunch of a cheese sandwich and the night's dinner of packaged cream of tomato soup and overcooked pasta didn't quite to it for me. I basically just filled up on the whole-wheat crackers and an orange I had packed. Not all was lost though because late Saturday night, on an open fire, I made one of the best s'mores I have ever had. Like seriously, yummy! Back to Sunday... To start my mom made me my own salad! Haha, she had seen how I always took so many servings of the large family-size one so she figured I deserved my own. How sweet, it was delish as always :).
Following mi ensalada I had fish, rice, and... yuca! It was my first time trying it and oh. my. gosh. was it good! They fried it which took away from the nutritional content I'm sure but wow. I thought it was just a couple of french fries so I pretty much avoided it but by the end of everything else I was still hungry so I figured I'd better eat up. Thank you tummy! I'll be back soon this week with updates on more exciting news. Here's a preview: I'm planning on eating out a lot more since I have very little time left in Cuenca, thus, there will be a multitude of new varieties of food. Until then, I hope everyone is having a good week in the states or wherever you may be!

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