Wednesday, June 8, 2011

the simple kitchen

With a wave of humidity coming New York's way, I have less and less of a desire to cook. My apartment can get hot enough, and my body is craving raw foods more than ever before anyway. I would be more than happy with having a cold bowl of cereal, vegetable juices, a grain salad and a green salad each and every day. Oh and ice cream... yes, that too.
Last week, however, the air was cool in spite of the shining sun. I'd planned on going to a free outdoor yoga class (in some ways, to work out the night before), so I did. But beforehand, I had dinner, and not that which I'd prepared myself. On my way to Chelsea Piers, I stopped into The Simple Kitchen solely because I liked the café's exterior. It's a good thing I'm such an accurate judge of character from superficial things like that.
The Simple Kitchen serves organic food prepared with local ingredients, some from The Simple Kitchen Gardens, located in Connecticut. They sell freshly-prepared foods, sparkling sodas beverages, biodynamic wines and local beers. Basically they're exactly what I was looking for, in addition to being adorable. I thoroughly enjoyed my vegetable curry over brown basmati rice.
Keeping in mind the yoga to come, I wrapped half up to be eaten as lunch the next day. Then I strolled on over to Pier 64. It was windy, there was a chill in the air, and it was absolutely breathtaking. What an amazing experience to literally salute the setting sun. Not to mention that the instructor was hilariously entertaining. I'm definitely looking forward to next month. Register for free, and please let me know if you'd like to dine avec moi beforehand.


  1. i stumbled on the simple kitchen in a similar situation last year - it's a solid spot! i am most definitely planning to join you for the next one of these yoga classes, but dinner so close to a yoga class is a big no for my stomach. also it's early. :) however, i would happily dine avec toi (? my french is non-existent) after! we'll have to discuss!

  2. It has been really hot here in NC and more raw foods always sounds more appealing for me too :) It is nice to have a local farmers market near by for me to go grab some fresh fruit and veggies to curb my tastebuds!

  3. totally agree with leslie. can we do simple kitchen post-yoga? i'm in!

  4. leslie: Dine avec toi! That is correct. And that is an obvious yes. Looking forward to it :).

    Pure2raw Twins: Exactly :) enjoy!

    sofia: Most definitely. Can't wait!


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