Tuesday, November 30, 2010

like a babushka

I'm not Polish, nor Russian, but my best guy friend growing up is. He has a babushka. I just like the word :). I do, however, have a grandma and an abuela, and for a period of time, as close to a nonna as possible. My ex-boyfriend from high school (yes, this one) is Italian-American like many of my neighbors and friends from home are. While we were dating, he, his brother, and his dad would visit his grandmother once a week for dinner, and every now and then I would join. She would cook a feast! Seriously, one week there was shrimp cocktail, a loaf of Italian bread, homemade gnocchi, chicken marsala, and fresh farfalle. And I do believe she offered cannolis for dessert. My big appetite didn't stand a chance.
[Appetizer: Walnut Pesto Crostini at Pour]

That's the thing about grandmothers of any kind, they feed you, feed you, and then feed you some more. At least the ones that I've met do :). As soon as I visit my grandma in Mt. Kisco she asks if I'd like to go to the health food store or out to eat at one of our favorite locally-sourced restaurants in the area. The few times a year that I see my abuela, she makes sure that I'm not hungry by preparing the plate upon plate of the best Mexican food in the United States. The real kind, that is. But I eat when I'm home with my parents and siblings too, and although I'm not Italian, most of the food prepared in this household, and around it, is.
[Dinner: Fresh linguine with a vegetable marinara sauce and house salad]

In an attempt to get myself into the holiday spirit this year, I wanted to dedicate this post to feeding others too. It'll be quite some time before I get anywhere near being a grandmother (scary thought, no offense) but that doesn't mean my ability to give shouldn't be exercised this season. May I suggest trying on your g-ma hat and eliminating hunger across the world too? Because you can, even if you're poor like me. Just sign the World Food Programme's "1 billion people live in chronic hunger and I'm mad as hell!" petition. I'd be very grateful.
[Dessert: Italian bread with goat cheese and a light Pinot at Maslow 6]

But of course that's not your only option, there's many more organizations working to spread good throughout the world: Holly recently blogged about an orphanage in Honduras for homeless, abused, and abandoned children (read about how to help here) and Matt posted about Passport with Purpose's project with Lafti to build a city in India and provide homes for the Dalit population (find out how you can help here). Or by the chance that you're still hung up on the fact that there people continue to go hungry in our world of excess, you can also sign this pledge that donates $1 to the fight against it.
Not everyone is so lucky to have a grandmother that can stuff them silly--in addition to being generous in love and gifts beyond belief--so I hope that you'll give in any way you can to one or more of the organizations above, or of your choice. Nothing feels better! And if you happen to follow it with left-over, Greek-influenced, Spinach & Feta Lasagna by a darling ya-ya, the entire experience is bound to taste incredible. Hope your days continue to be full, and if I can ask one more thing of you, please submit a question for yours truly.


  1. Ooooh that pesto! And what a lovely grandmother :)

  2. thanks for a lovely shout-out my dear! i think making a goal of feeding others is one of the worthiest ones we can make. love you :)

  3. My grandmother certainly isn't the best cook, but she does go out of her way to get fresh pierogies for us every time we visit (she's Polish), which is lovely. And you're right, Christmas is definitely a time when we should try extra hard to give something back :)

  4. That lasagna sounds heavenly!
    My grandmother was a dietitian back in the day, so she was always VERY focused on health in her cooking. Her fruit cobblers were always good!

  5. Yuuuuuum!
    Gotta love everything-cheese!
    Since I've started eating cheese again, I just can't get enough :D

  6. VeggieGirl: Agreed on both accounts!

    Holly: 'Twas my pleasure. Thanks for your support too!

    bitemebuttercup: Those sound fantastic. I've never had homemade ones! Glad you agree.

    BroccoliHut: Oh and it was. That's amazing... way to follow in her healthy footsteps :).

    Gabriela: Ha, this post does have a lot of cheese in it, doesn't it? Funny because I actually haven't been eating that much otherwise!

  7. what a lovely meal, craving for some good food now!


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