Friday, November 19, 2010

writing as therapy, introduction

This is my five-hundred-and-ninety-first post since I began this blog. It's an odd number, and a somewhat insignificant one, but I felt like sharing. Why? Because a lot has changed since the big, bad, (and rather boring) post #1. 

I've been blessed in that I've never had an extreme physical, mental, or emotional illness. At times, however, life has certainly take it's toll. It really didn't matter where in the world I was, just that I felt as though I was in a personally negative place and was all too desperate to escape it . That makes sense doesn't it? I'm thinking yes, in a "oh gosh, that sucks" kind of way :).

Recently, I've been struggling with quite a few of those demons. It's unpleasant, to say the least, and although I am not sure that this is entirely a good idea, I think I want to reveal these unhealthy inner-workings. It might be nice for me to do so, and hopefully help others along the way, too. 

I have many amazing friends, yes, but no therapist, so, here goes nothing. Or, in a sense, pretty much everything:   

I've probably never mentioned this before but it was the breakup before last that led me to blogs, and thus blogging, in the first place. To be continued.


  1. I hope you beat those demons!! We all have them...ugh!

    And I'm biased , but therapy is AMAZINGGGGG! Try it!! And I'm saying that not just because my goal career= therapist, but from personal experience!!! You are a super deep and thoughtful person too.........sooooo ya know, think about it!! They are like a personal cheerleader! :D

    love you Dani!!!!!!!

  2. glidingcalm: I have thought about but I can't afford one know :) thanks for the encouragement, sweetheart.

  3. You seem to be an awesome girl Danielle..Wish you achieve all good things in life. God bless you


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