Saturday, November 13, 2010

in the name of health


  1. you bring up so many lovely points dear! i definitely think that while we need to accept ourselves for who we are, there is a big thing to looking good, feeling good and doing that through health. i think there is such a fine line between being healthy and it becoming an obsession - i think that is where our problem lies.

    make-up, skin creams and all that - its so funny to see that women around the world use these. i think that while we need to accept ourselves without all these things, again, there is a definite component to feeling better about yourself and that radiating outwards.

    love you so much dear - i hope life is treating you well. if you need ANYTHING, you know i am here for ya :)

    love ya,

  2. Holly: I completely agree, and it's most definitely a fine line. I am emailing you back soon. Promise. Sending my love to you and Madtown!

  3. So many things to think about in this video and so much I want to say!!!

    I definitely think health and beauty tie together, and therefore my mission for health is definitely tied to the two! When you think about it- even the manufactured idea of beauty is meant to mimic health- blush (healthy rosy cheeks), concealer (well slept, healthy skin), red lips, a curvy shape (a healthy body for making babies) ect.

    I love health because I know it makes me FEEL and LOOK better. Which is why I've even written about detoxing for beauty. Vain? Sure, but if I feel good and look better because my insides are doing better, I don't think there's an argument against that!

    As you said- there is a fine line. Things like healthy eating, exercise and a quest for beauty can easily become obsessive. We are all beautiful as we are and need to find that healthy balance of feeling good in our own skin :)

    And you, my dear, are stunningly beautiful!!!

  4. Gillian: Ah, you're so right! I've never even thought about the beauty mimicking health thing :). So very true, and thank you!

  5. I totally love your honesty here! I was actually having this conversation with some people at work the other day and we were thinking that feminism and 'girl-power!' sometimes looks down on beauty or the desire to look pretty. I do know that I feel better when I think I look good that day.

    And I also totally agree with Gillian - health and beauty goes hand in hand and I am so happy that they do :)

  6. Great video and great topics doll!

    I totally agree with Gillian! Health and beauty tie together for me.

    I love the way my healthy eating makes me feel and look....

    I wish everyone in the world ate healthy because I think they would all feel a lot better about themselves!

    Love you video girl!


  7. Nienke at Revel: I know, this article really made me think about that aspect and it's incredibly unfortunate. But I guess as long as we stay healthy and thereby beautiful there's nothing to worry about :)

    Kris | Thank you! Oh and I agree! It's funny and wonderful how it's all so interconnected. You too, darling!

  8. How groundbreaking...a food blogger caring about their outward appearance. I'm still having trouble conceptualizing the point this "vlog" serves besides trying to prove you aren't vain.

  9. Anonymous: I don't appreciate the sarcasm sir/madam. Rather than try to prove I'm not vain, I attempted to be blatantly honest about the fact that I am and that it's okay and that it's okay to want to be healthy and be beautiful because the two are more connected than we give them credit. I'm sorry that you missed the point, I guess I thought I was clearer than I was.


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