Friday, November 5, 2010

individual bliss

Remember the days when doing things completely on your own was what you strived for? When it was an accomplishment to dress yourself, make your bed, tie your shoes, and button up your coat all by yourself? I do. But somewhere along the way, the concept lost it's appeal. I'm not sure why. 
So, in an attempt to appreciate our self-sufficiency again, we're going to change that! Or rather, I'm going to try to change it for myself, and you can join in too if you wish to do so :). Fulfillment is different for everyone. I get that.
Along Road Trip USA, I met more than a few inspiring people. But I was impacted most by those on their own personal solo journeys. Some of my hosts had moved to new cities for jobs, others for future schooling. As adults (who in children's eyes, have it all figured out) they were slowly learning how to make a new home. They familiarized themselves with their surroundings, made new friends, and dealt with the difficulties of living miles (in a few cases, nearly 3,000) from the majority of their friends and family. It was almost as if they'd sprung themselves into that awkward college freshman situation again, only this time, it was in the real world, and others that they passed were not as eager to hear about where they were living and where they were from. 
Making such a big move like they have is often romanticized, but right now, it still doesn't make it sound any less appealing. It take quite an amazing person to do such a thing. And I like to think I thrive on self-inflicted challenges.
One being pilates. For the past three days, I have been enjoying free classes at Apogee Wellness Center. As they describe themselves on their website, "with unparalleled personalized service, we support your personal path to health with a complete wellness approach that has the power to transform body, mind, and spirit." Hallelujah.
Tonight, I attended their Restorative Yoga class. It was perfect timing. Not only did I need it, it also happened to fall on one of the most well-known of Indian (Hindu, to be exact) festivals, Diwali. Similar to our Thanksgiving, the holiday signifies the renewal of life. In many parts of the world, is regarded as a time to ask for abundance. (FYI: I only know this because my yoga teacher told me all of it). We were told to make our intention to the goddess Lakshmi. We were advised to ask her for any abundance we desired in our lives, while also being grateful for everything that we had already been given, which is, as I was told, more than we even realized.
Gifts: safe public transportation to New York City; project-based work at a renowned beauty magazine; numerous future employment opportunities; a home with a lovely family; a comforting vegan and Vietnamese dinner; ability to do pilates in the first place.
Whenever I have my moments of sadness or spouts of feeling sorry for myself, I have to remember how capable I am as a human being to live the life that I want to live... all. by. myself. You are, too, you know. I hope you never forget it. Let's wrap up with a suggestion in the article, Happier and Healthier: How to Channel Your Inner Optimist, by my new favorite magazine:
One of the most powerful ways to cultivate optimism -- and harness its potential health benefits -- is to practice gratitude exercises. Every night, think about three things that occurred that day for which you are grateful, and also about why they took place. "It will help you see that good things often happen because of something positive you put out into the universe," [author of "Creating Your Best Life", Caroline] Miller says.
Now please, go out and have a glorious weekend! Alone, in a pair, with a group, wherever you are.


  1. I don't know if I would call vegan food a gift....

  2. Vegan food is a gift. Love your blog girlie x

  3. Nomadic Matt: Ha, of course not... you didn't try it though, it was fantastic.

    Lucie: Thank you, darling! It's nice to "meet" you :)

  4. Sigh, I often dream of packing up my life and just moving. I don't know if I will ever be able to do that..

  5. Rose: Thank you, dear.

    Sana: I don't think we're ever really ready to do such a thing. If you want to make it happen, I think you just do, and hope for the best.

    Shannon, Tropical Eats: My hero!

  6. I just had a delightful weekend on my own - although i consider myself someone who loves being with other people, sometimes it's nice to do something for yourself :)

  7. fableuxdestinbrenna: That's so wonderful, sweetheart. I completely agree!

  8. stumbled upon your blog through afreshdille tonight and i couldn't have needed to read these words more! Thank you for writing this. It set my temporary "poor me" heart right. :)

  9. Jodi: You're very welcome. I'm glad that it had such an impact on you. Take care of your wonderful self!


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