Monday, November 29, 2010

a.m. originalities

Before you go any further: Ask me a question, won't you please?
I love breakfast. I know this isn't news to you as I'm always praising the deliciousness of my morning meals, but I just can't help but gush once more. You see, up until I was 18 years old, I ate a bowl of cereal before school. Every Sunday my dad would make scrambled eggs, on special occasions I'd have cinnamon-sugar toast or a bagel with cream cheese, and once a year I'd feast on a cinnamon roll (talk about a Merry Christmas!), but usually I started my day with a non-sugary, fiber-rich "bland" cereal. My favorite was Crispix, that's just the way my momma raised me.  Then I went away to college and discovered oatmeal.
For whatever reason, oatmeal had always grossed me out until blogs convinced me otherwise. And since I started oatmealing it, about four years ago to date, I haven't stopped. I haven't found a breakfast more satisfying nor sustaining. Here's my recipe if you're interested. These days I'm on a rolled oats kick with unseasonal toppings (my mom splurged on raspberries this week, she must love me). Otherwise, I'm not a trendy person in the sense that I make a sincere effort not to go along with what everyone else is doing. Another example? It took me two winters in Syracuse before I broke down and accepted practical Uggs as a gift. Anyway, before I go off on a stylish (or lack there of) tangent,  I just mean to say that this oatmeal love affair of mine is truly authentic. Today I'm proud to welcome my darling friend Julia to the mix. It was only a matter of time!
My most recent roommate, Meg, on the other hand, never did seem to catch on. It's fine, we're on good terms ;). The weekend before last, she was in town visiting another friend and joined me for a Sunday brunch on her drive home. It was one of those rare mornings when the perfect bowl of oats did not appeal to me. It was also one of those not-so-rare mornings when the aftermath of nocturnal festivities (read: hangover) decided to join us as we began our day. All I wanted was french toast. And so we went to City Limits Diner, and I devoured their Raisin Currant Challah French Toast with house-made vanilla apple sauce and real maple syrup alongside the necessary coffee. It wasn't anything like the heavenly plate I shared with SnackFace those many suns ago, but it was pretty damn good, and definitely hit the spot. Late morning yoga took care of the rest.
This evening, I am thankful that I live in a place that is so accessible for my friends to visit. The hardest thing about not being at 'Cuse anymore is that the majority of them are scattered across the United States rather than one concentrated Central New York location like they had been in the past. Living so close to NYC allows me to see those now living in Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn, while also being in a prime (and spacious) location for the non-New Yorkers to crash, and, of course, right next door to my original high school favorites. Case in point: December...
  • 2nd, 9th, & 16th: Weekly sleepover at Steph and Catherine's.
  • 4th: My cousin( and friend)'s apartment-warming party.
  • 10th: Healthy dinner with old co-worker, friend, and current Fitness employee, Karla Walsh.
  • 11th: Afternoon with Meghan (same one as above) and her boyfriend.
  • 17th: A special AXO reunion.
  • 27th - January 1st: K and I's week of of non-stop, new year celebrating!
  • TBD dates with C, Laura, Debra, Nicole, Shannon, Muffin, Leslie,  Sofia, Greg, Kate, Claire, Gloria, Ryan, Chrissie and more.
There is just so much fun to be had, morning and night, as we wrap of 2011! I wouldn't want to be anywhere else right now. Note that I said "right now." That would be a hint, my friends :) stay tuned for a December announcement.


  1. I hate to think how I always used to associate oatmeal with those insubstantial little packets of chemicals. The blog world definitely helped to open my eyes to the wonderful world of add-ins and actual varieties of oats. Steel cut with chocolate peanut butter and pumpkin puree? Yes please!

    I am also really envious of your prime local for visitors. This issue is definitely looming as I get ready to graduate and see my friends scatter all over the country.

  2. Haha, I was the same way--up until college, I pretty much had Cream of Wheat for breakfast every day!

  3. I was hoping I was that Claire...but the link on my name didn't go to my page... :(

    No worries, I hope to see you before 2011!

    PS french toast is one of the hardest things for me to not order...was one of my former loves before becoming vegan. I've made some close versions though!

  4. lookthroughmyspecs: Me too please :) I really didn't know you could cook oatmeal from the oats themselves for the longest time either! Move here :) people visit all the time! Plus, we can hang out too.

    BroccoliHut: That's one I've never tried! Hm... :)

    Claire: It is, it is! I'm so sorry I added the wrong link. Let's go out for vegan french toast when you come. You know, for one of our many dates ;).

  5. we are breakfast twins. i was the SAME WAY growing up. and now i am with you - lots of oatmeal, but with a touch of French toast or something special every once in awhile. and for the record, that French toast looks RIDONKULOUS. love you lady!!!

  6. Holly: Yay breakfast twins. Let's dine together in the morning sometimes soon :) love you too!

  7. Just found you're blog through Shannon's blogroll at Tropical Eats! Weird bc I am from Syracuse and just moved to Brooklyn! yay for cuse and nyc:)

  8. yearsoflife: Two of my favorite places ever! Glad you found me.

  9. I went through funny breakfast stages throughout my childhood/ adolescence. For awhile I ate nothing but organic sausage patties with ketchup, later it was Kashi GoLean Crunch! without milk or anything at all (I hated milk for years), and for awhile it was a pumpernickel bagel with butter. All very random but very good indeed :)

    Now I'm a cold cereal, milk and fruit kind of gal. Sometimes oatmeal, and sometimes almond butter jelly toast, depending upon mood. I keep it simple - the oatmeal mix-ins I see in blogland are wayyyy too complex for me. :)

    Date night very soon! Orrr you should join me and Leslie for yoga. We're doing two weeks at this hot yoga place at insanely early hours of the morning - this weekend we might do normal people times, but have yet to discuss. Care to join?

  10. crunchygranolagal: Too funny, you were pickier than I :) definite date night! Not sure if I could make the hot yoga mornings since when you include commuting times I'd have to take the last train into the city at 2:30. One day, though, I'll be ready and available and much closer by!


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