Saturday, April 24, 2010

the starting line


  1. I know exactly what you mean about being a 'grown up' and it scares the heck out of me. I think your plan is a great one and I'd love to cheer you along.

    Drink plenty of delicious wine and enjoy your weekend with your parents!

  2. Never commented before on your blog, but wanted to say I think your challenge is an interesting idea. :) I also think your blog is amazing, and the About Me and My World pages are great!

  3. You are BEAUTIFUL, my dear, and I love your hair!! I loved hearing you talk about how you don't want to get wrapped up in numbers- I'd definitely do well to remember that once in awhile. Your plan sounds great, good luck! Have a great time with your parents this weekend!

  4. #1: love the highlights. i am hoping a lot of summer sun will give me some natural ones, beause my most recent $100 haircut did not leave funds leftover for highlights. you look gorgeous. :)

    #2: i am jealous times 72439 about your wine tour/ weekend plans. i am thinking we need to take a trip to the vineyards on long island this summer. sound good?

    #3: i think your challenge sounds balanced and achievable and you have my full support. i know you won't be obsessing about sticking to a perfect plan or missing days on occasion, so i don't have to worry about you. :) honestly, though, i think that times of transition can be the best time to figure out an exercise routine because it is the one thing that only you have control over while everything else is up in the air. and once you've established it, you'll figure out ways to fit it into your life when your schedule changes.

    #4: i miss you!

  5. Have a great weekend with your parents! I hope you find some exercise plans that you love :)

  6. Your resume looks killer, Danielle!! Anyone would be crazy NOT to hire you :)

    The vlog was adorable--of course, and i'm hoping you can soon find a nice balance between yoga, pilates & running! You're going into it with such a great mindset, so you're sure to succeed and just enjoy yourself!

    HAVE FUN WITH YOUR FAM!! Wine tasting + brunches out sounds so relaxing, xoxoxo

  7. HAHAHAH THAS MA GIRL!!! "I need to get my sh, I mean, act, together." I love you and miss you.

    Well, I know anyone would hire you over me---your resume is ridiculous. Love.

    That said, I hope we both have bossy jobs in the city and can meet up for regular lunches. Or workouts.

    MISS YOU!!! xoxoxo

  8. lookthroughmyspecs: Eeek, me too! But thanks, I hear that wine helps take the edge off things ;)

    Little Bookworm: Wow, thank you darling! Hope to see you 'round more often!

    Gabriela: Thanks so much! Will do, I'm sure!

    leslie: The numbers alone make me want to reconnect with my long lost twin! Thanks especially for the response to #3, the best support a girl could ask for. Love you, I'm all for the Long Island winery plans, and I'll see you soon!

    Bec: Thank you so much!

    jesslikesithot: Haha, thanks on everything, times a million :). You're wonderful!

    Kailey (SnackFace): Hahahahaha. I was so going to say it too, my properness gets the best of me sometimes ;). Amazing you are! You must be kidding me btw, we each have our strengths. Lunches and workouts in the city sound fab but if all else fails... let's start our own mag, you down?! Love & miss you!

  9. I hate being in the college transition and not knowing who I am or what I'm doing. growing up is scary right


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