Thursday, April 8, 2010

craving the unreal

Hello, hello, and happy humpday Thursday! I am wonderfully delirious at the moment.
Yesterday Tuesday was an exceptionally good day :). It was at lunchtime, the period of twenty minutes that it took me to savor this mega-delicious salad and pita, that I remembered that it would be a big night. To prepare, I made sure to buckle down and be productive that afternoon. I drove on over to Freedom of Espresso in Fayetteville to do just that, but not before a good run through it's historic neighborhoods. Unfortunately, about 5 minutes into it, it began to rain, and in the 5 minutes after that, I realized that I could not go sit in a café and work if I looked and smelled like a wet dog. So instead, I stopped, sat, read, wrote, and studied.
That is, until seven, when I rushed back for a delicious dinner. I was so excited that Carol was serving salmon that night, it is by far my favorite fish. Speaking of protein, (because, oh, we were) I've been craving it, a lot. It's to the point where a few times (and it pains me to admit this) I have "snuck" a few bites of turkey or chicken. I can't figure out what my problem is. I was thinking I should get a blood test soon, but I can't imagine that I have any vitamin-deficiencies.
Do you see that plate of predominately veggies? Exactly. The protein cravings are making uncomfortable though, and I don't want to overeat other carb-rich foods to try to appease them. I usually have fish with dinner and I try to have a good serving of hummus, avocado, or soy beans at lunch so...? Have any protein-rich suggestions for me? I would truly really appreciate it!
Anyway, following dinner and primping, a group of 15 embarked on the birthday bar crawl. We were dressed to kill ;) and that we did. We began at the pub, moved to the retired surfers bar, and then made our way to the sports bar. As promised, I drank lightly and had a fabulous time.
I also may have gone back to Lucy's (the retired surfer's bar) to dance the end of the night away with friends, old and new. And then, I went back home to our TV room in hysterics as a few members of the Syracuse Crunch team humored us with their jokes. As a result,  it was 4 a.m. by the time bed time rolled in, and I've been exhausted from the time I woke up this yesterday morning. Good thing it was more than worth it.
Upon waking I threw my hair up, got dressed in my workout clothes, ate this delightful bowl of a breakfast, and headed back to Fayetteville. Sadly though, my schoolwork took longer than planned and I was rushing back to campus on a caffeine-high before I had a chance to finish my run. On the way, I asked my roommate to check in with me later to make sure I didn't miss it. She obliged, offering a description of one of more form-fitting outfit choices as motivation... and I laughed as I strolled into Comm. Law. I run to feel a sense of accomplishment, I run without music so that I can clear my head, and I run outside to honestly explore my surroudings on each unique route (that's why I loved running abroad.) The physique part is just a plus ;). Are you a runner? Why?


  1. I love the pics of your friends; you all look so happy together! Great that you have a buddy to check in on you [need someone to get me out today]. Sometimes, I listen to music and get a good/calming workout in before class too. Very therapeutic right!

  2. The question for me is, why DON'T I run? ;) It doesn't quite make me feel good (at least, not at this point in my life. Maybe in a few months I'll like running again). WALKING, however, is another story... I walk for therapy!

    Sometimes I go through phases where I crave cheese like crazy, even though it's not something I'd normally eat. I think it's because of the calcium (or some other nutrient)... I very strongly believe that if we're craving certain foods, it's because we're slightly nutrient deficient. No matter how vigilant we are about our diet, SOMETHING is always going to slip by! Listening to what our bodies tell us is the best choice :)

    Looks like that was a really fun night you all had!

  3. Why do I sounds so corny, but there's nothing like the feeling after a nice long run. You know what I'm talking about!

    I go through phases of cravings, so I doubt your protein cravings are anything serious. Give into them while they last!! Hope you're having a great week girl!

  4. I've been trying to increase my protein intake lately, so I have a few suggestions for you. I recommend tempeh--1/2 package has like 25 grams of protein! I also really like GoLean cereal, which has 13 grams of protein per cup. both are soy-based--I don't know how you feel about soy, but I thought I would at least suggest them!

  5. whataboutsummer: Thank you! And yes, extremely therapeutic, sometimes I think it keeps me sane :)

    Sagan: Ah I adore walking all the time! I go through phases too though and right now I'm in the midst of a running one :) that's true, you're probably right. It was!

    Gabriela: Corny? That is honesty baby, I know exactly what you're talking about :) I think I will, I'm just hoping I will be able to crush it with the kind of protein that I prefer to eat. Same to you!

    BroccoliHut: Hm, yeah, I don't know. They're obviously great suggestions but I'm quite wary of soy. Thanks though :) good luck with your own protein uptake!

  6. Oh, I love you and your girlfriends! I haven't had a big night out in a while, and let me tell ya- I need one!!!

    I eat a lot of Greek yogurt, seafood, beans and tofu and tempeh for protein (not to mention a ton of nut butter!) but I still think I need more... but apparently people way overestimate how much they need, so maybe not.

  7. i like to just give into those cravings when they come - i find they go as quickly as they appear when you do. a couple months ago i was struck by the oddest craving for chicken, and i ordered a grilled piece the next time I went out for dinner. i haven't craved it since. and that's why i'll never make the vegetarian label official.

    an idea though, if you really feel like you need protein is to combine vegetarian protein rich foods. yesterday for lunch i had peanut lentils with quinoa and a kale salad - i don't know how many grams of protein that is, but between the lentils, nuts, quinoa, and leafy greens, it definitely packed it in! i have full faith that you'll figure out something that works for you.

    more importantly, i am in serious need of an update on your life! email soon please? :)

  8. Katie: Haha, come visit ;) or we can make up for it soon. I know, I try to as well and most of the time I feel like it's enough but... I don't know. I guess I'll just take it day by day and see how I feel.

    leslie: You are my hero, these are great ideas. Weird thing is, that the idea of eating an entire piece of meat is totally unappetizing, but to sneak a bite or two is satisfying and oddly secret (which is probably not a good mind-set). Anyway, you shall most definitely hear from me soon! Sorry you haven't already!


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