Sunday, April 25, 2010

got wine?

Hi sweet peas! Hope you are well. I have been trying to sleep for the past hour but the caffeine running through my body seems to be against it, so awake I am still. Might as well be productive and read blog! This weekend was AMAZING. We shall begin with Friday...
12 pm : Highlights & Green Tea at Hair Habitat. See my previous vlog for results :).
7:30 pm: Beer tasting and dinner with the padres at Glen Loch.
[Homemade spinach pasta with garden vegetables and grilled shrimp]
Early night of vlogging and sleep, and then came Saturday...
8:30 am: Met my parents at the Renaissance Hotel for breakfast.
[Vegetable omelette, plain oatmeal, black coffee]
11 am: Welcome to the Cayuga Wine Trail.
First stop? Goose Watch Winery.
There were various wine tastings, 
with cheese (omg to die for) pairings,
and gorgeous photo opportunities.
12:30 pm: Second stop? Thirsty Owl Wine Company.
Despite their outward appearance and delectable wines, the staff was quite rude,
but at least we got some amazing sisterly photographs out of it.
2:00 pm: Lunch time at our third winery, Swedish Hill.
[Jimmy John's Vegetarian Sandwich]
Once satisfied we met "Doobie" the donkey,
took our last few group photos,
and enjoyed our final eight wine tasting.
3:00 pm: Bus-boarding to napping on the ride back to Syracuse.
To be continued...


  1. your hair looks fabulous lady! I am so jealous of all the wine tasting...I was telling (hinting...) to my bf that I really want to go sometime soon! and you look gorg with the brown (gray?) shirt and scarf!

  2. wow what a fabulous wine and "other drinks" weekend!!!!! I totally need to go on a wine tasting tour...i'm such a light weight though when it comes to alcohol!

    PS love the hat. hope you got it. lol

  3. afreshdille: Thank you dear! I hope you get to go, it's wonderful (and you could tell him I said so) :)

    Trying to Heal: Thank you! Haha, they only serve you a little and there's a bucket to spit/pour it in to if you don't want to finish it. Go enjoy! P.S. I, on the other hand, obviously drank my servings bc I did get the hat ;)

  4. Can I have your life, please? Such an amazing weekend!
    PS Way to live up the last few days of college life with Jimmy John's:)

  5. BroccoliHut: At the very least, you can certainly come join! So serious :) haha, thank you!


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