Thursday, April 29, 2010


Hi my dears! I've just been so happy today. So much so that I picked a post title solely because I like the sound of it. Maybe it was the sun; the glorious job searcher gods shining down on me? Perhaps it was the satisfying end of classes for the week, and almost forever (2 more days)? Or it could be the upcoming weekend; planned days of fun and accomplishments? 
There is also a possibility that my happiness is based on the fact that I was lucky enough to have met three special people in my first three weeks at Syracuse University and have realized how rare and amazing it is to have quality friends such as these upon chance. I fully intend to stay in touch with each one of them forever and always. For now though, I am thoroughly enjoying nostalgically looking back at freshman year photos of us and laughing/"aw"ing :).
Anywho! Let's discuss yesterday, shall we? Following an afternoon of good news, I went running. I ran hard, not particular fast, but hard, and it felt good. I've finally reached a level of strength and endurance that has allowed me to thoroughly CTFO while I'm running. By the way, I have not yet mentioned how I run yet... To ease myself back into it, I used the Galloway method: beginning with 1 minute walking and 1 minute running for 30 minutes and building myself to 30 minutes of straight running. It works for me. I don't know how far I've gone, I don't know how fast I've run and I have no desire for such logistics. A half an hour allows me to simply enjoy it and all of it's benefits (mentally and physically). Yoga and running, a match made in heaven. Who knew?
Also, since I've become such an advanced runner ;) I've noticed an increase in my appetite. I ran home yesterday to a semi-formal dinner in honor of the senior class of Alpha Chi Omega (another group of girls that I'm lucky to know). I showered first, of course, and then ran down to the meal that became my feast. We started with a small salad. It was gone in seconds.
Then, for the main course we had three options: steak, chicken, or lobster. I obviously had the latter, (it was delectable,) alongside fresh green beans and a sweet potato. I don't think words can explain how ridiculously fast I inhaled this. I think it tasted yummy.
And finally, we were greeted with the wonderful choices of blueberry, pecan, raspberry walnut, or peanut butter chocolate cheesecake. Which one would you prefer? I, again, had the last one, Peanut Butter Chocolate Cheesecake... otherwise known as absolute heaven. I heard the others were pretty delectable too. I don't have dessert often, so when I do, it better be worth it :). 

Moving on through present and future, let's take a look at the weekend...
I'll try to stop in at some point. Either way, have a fabulous Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!


  1. thats so great you have some best friends from the early days of college! I transfered so I never had that. I love reading about the end of school because my sis is also graduating in two weeks and just finishing class tomorrow. I think you mean the galloway method, it is definitely a great way to get into (back into) running. yoga + running is for sure a match made in heaven!

  2. I've also found yoga and running to be the absolute perfect exercise routine. I hate lifting, doing crunches, and spinning, and there's no need to do things I hate to stay fit.

    You must be getting so nostalgic right now. I'm a junior, and I can't even begin to think about next year when I leave the people I've spent almost every waking moment with since we were little baby freshman. Enjoy the end of your semester!

  3. Going down the memory lane is always a nice trip!!!
    Running is the best thing, when i started i couldn't run for five minutes straight without feeling like i was going to have a heart attack! now i feel like i could run forever :)
    Oh, I changed my URL by the way.
    Have a nice weekend :)

  4. There's something about looking at old pictures that just makes me warm and fuzzy inside...there will always be problems, but we will always be able to overcome them!

    Congrats on getting back into running! It always feels so good to come back after a brief haitus, no?

    That dinner sounds AMAZING. Greens, seafood an chocolate peanut three favorite food groups :) Hope you have a great Friday my love!!

  5. ahh, the end of college. such a fun time! live it up - shit gets confusing afterward. ;) and congrats on the running! it's so exciting to watch and feel yourself get stronger over time.

  6. afreshdille: Thanks! I'm sure made up for it later on :). And yes, I did mean that, I appreciate the correction!

    lookthroughmyspecs: Ah, I am right there with you sistah! Sooo nostalgic :) thanks you!

    Lola: So true :). And congrats, that's amazing. Maybe I'll get there some day. Same to you!

    Gabriela: Ditto! Yes, oh yes it does :) and I love fueling them too. Right back at 'cha!

    crunchygranolagal: Hahaha, thank you! You're awesome :) see you soon enough!

  7. Sounds like you have an awesome weekend planned. Have fun!

  8. What a neat program you are working on with running! I'm a big fan of yoga so it's lovely to hear others that enjoy it as well. That salad looks awesome!

  9. BroccoliHut: Thanks I am!

    alexandria: Thank you dear, I love it all- the running, the yoga, and the salad :).


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