Thursday, April 15, 2010

spring & sprung

It is going to be a gorgeous day. Ahh, spring. The days are longer, brighter, and...
Yesterday, for instance: I awoke in my temperate room to young birds chirping, welcoming the new day, as the sun rises in the distance. 
Berries emerged in the bowls of breakfast as a quiet breeze entered through the open window with the sweet smell of morning dew.
Sunglasses became a staple once again so that I could enjoy views of green and all colors blooming before my shaded eyes while I walked to class.
Winter squash made it's final appearance in a lukewarm bowl for lunch paired with a salad of garden-fresh romaine.
The afternoon continued with teas that have become iced and studying beneath trees reborn, my sandals crossed before me.
I strolled past others playing football, day-drinking, reading in the sunlight, towards a dinner with highlights of  avocado and basil.
I hope that you have been able to appreciate spring as much as I have. This year, it is both the beginning and the end of great things for me, so much hope and promise, and I have been finding new ways to enjoy it every single day. Tomorrow I leave for a weekend Montréal, Canada with my best friend, K, and new car, Philbert. Have a fabulous weekend my beautiful friends! I shall be back in no time :).What is your quintessential springtime?


  1. Ooh let me know how you like that book hun! I recently started The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and it's been pretty entertaining so far but I'm always looking for new suggestions!

  2. totally impressed with your ability to read in spanish! that book is fabulous, but i do have to admit i read it in english.

    enjoy your mini-vacation! :)

  3. My springtime means the return of fresh fruit, of my Rainbow flip flops, and of dinner eaten while it's still light out :) Hope you enjoy your weekend!

  4. I, too, have been soaking up spring time. Just this afternoon, I decided to take a spontaneous walk through campus, merely so I could enjoy the beautiful day!

  5. Quintessential spring time reminds me of Miss Congeniality when that one girl is interviewed and she responds that her ideal date would be May 5th because it's not too hot and not too cold. Random comment

  6. Ahhh I love visiting Montreal! Oysters and bubbly outside in the old city and pan au chocolat and cafe au lait in the morning. Enjoy!

  7. Jenny: I've heard so many good things about that one! As for mine, the structure and writing is too modern for my liking but I think it's worth a try... plus, I have to for class ;).

    crunchygranolagal: Thanks, just please don't ask me to speak ;) enjoy your weekend too my dear!

    Gabriela: Oh yum! Thank you, same to you!

    BroccoliHut: Sounds like a fantastic idea! Love that :)

    whataboutsummer: Ah, that's amazing! Haha, too funny.

    Travel Eat Love: Sounds incredible! Thanks so much!

  8. Oh yum!! All of this food looks so tasty! I love the dinner with all the veg :)

    what kind of tea is that for breakfast? I love dark tea!


  9. Have fun in Montreal! I'd love to go there at some point. I've heard it's like a European city in North America :)

  10. kris | Thanks, it was! I had Earl Grey that morning but I'm usually more of a green tea girl :)

    K from ksgoodeats: Yay! I'm leaving now so if you want to come just let me know.. I'll pick you up along the way ;)

  11. Are you really reading a book in Spanish?! You are so cultured and sophisticated, it's not even funny :)

    Hope you have a great weekend in Canada!

  12. this post = spring and freshness!! I loveeeeeee.

    and isnt drinking from straws, THE BEST?! I want to buy some reusable ones for home for my big plastic ups. :)

    love you mamaaaaa

  13. i LOVE spring. it is such a sense of a new beginning - like you can start over and all will be swell. enjoy montreal my love - chat soon :)

  14. Lara: Does it make me any less sophisticated if I were to be reading it for class? ;) thank you!

    glidingcalm: Me too! Love you sweetheart.

    Holly: Ah, yes. Thanks, it's been done and done... we will have much to talk about :).


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