Thursday, April 22, 2010

la nuit

Hello my sweets! Sorry about the delay. Where was I? Ah, yes... last Saturday night :). As I mentioned in the last post, we tried, quite unsuccessfully, to make reservations at  Le Garde-Manger. In our final attempt, we became friends with the bouncer who suggested we come back around 11:30 when they were no longer serving food. Both of us had heard such great things that we agreed, and then walked back up rue St-François-Xavier to fulfill our sushi craving.
TaTami Sushi Bar looked perfect! The interiors were modern and fun with Japanese accents and they served all of the raw fish and seaweed that I'd hoped for with blog-worthy plating technique.
Our table was even a fish tank! Yep, I said it ;) a fish tank. K, a bio major (who has been doing research with fish) and soon-to-be med student was thrilled. 
Unfortunately, I was not too pleased with the meal. I ordered a seaweed salad to start (got to take advantage of these sea vegetables when you can) and was only able to enjoy half of it. For some reason it began to gross me out as each bite went down, I blame it on the slimy factor. Ew.
Then came out my sushi platter. It was pleasing to the eye but only tasted mediocre. My favorite part was that churro-like cracker-ish thing with sugar in the corner :).
K's selection was pretty too... but still, it was hardly the best sushi that we've ever had. Definitely a one time deal. Have you had a negative sushi experience? Where?
Anyway, rest assured we made up for the bust of a dinner with a fabulous night. Our first stop was Barraco. We arrived at 9:30 a.k.a. there was a great number of people still having their meals so we sat at the bar. Best. Idea. Ever. The wonderful bartender, who became our best friend, started us off with a glass of wine and a plate of cheese. This is what 60 grams of heaven looks like...
We ate it with French bread, of course, and then, finally satisfied, got to socializing with more drinks in hand.
With one good spontaneous choice after another we not only had fun but met so many great people. We had gotten "pretty" that night so that may explain the male attention, but seriously, have you ever gone out with a girlfriend and befriended another group of girls?

We did. And apparently I filmed them with their flaming drinks :).
From Barroco to Santos and finally to La Distillerie,
our glimpse into Montreal's nightlife was absolutely, positively, incroyable. I think I've figured out how to ensure a good time no matter where you are: a positive attitude, quality food and drinks, nice people, fun music, and interesting conversation. 
The next morning, after breakfast, packing, and check-out, we drove up to le Parc Mont-Royal for a few photographs of the city from above. Despite a mild hang-over, I felt on top of the world.
'Twas one of the best Friday to Sunday getaways ever. And on that note, I hope you have an amazing weekend ahead! My parents are visiting for a wine tour so I'm optimistic that I will... again ;).
Montréal, Je me souviens... 


  1. Hey! Thanks for commenting my blog. YES I've had quite a roller coster ride with meat.. I don't like fish though.. and sushi gives me the CREEPS.. lol Does it taste weird? Slimy or anything? I'm too afraid to try it..

  2. I don't eat fish, and it's pretty hard for a sushi place to mess up an avovado roll. That's a bummer that your meal was so sub par, though!

    It looks like you guys had quite the trip!

  3. darkchocolatekisses: No problem... but really?! Haha, if I were you, I would start with vegetable sushi first. As for the slimy factor, if you get a roll, the rice, other veggies, and seaweed are usually enough to mask it. Especially if you get a specialty creating. Try it :)

    lookthroughmyspecs: Oh my gosh, I should have gotten an avocado roll! Thanks, did my praising of the experience give it away? ;)

  4. Bummer about the seaweed salad...but it appears that the rest of the night more than made up for it!

  5. Glad you had fun in Montreal, my fam is from there and I love it! I am heading there on Wednesday afternoon for a few days right after I do my exit conference for the school year!

  6. BroccoliHut: Ew, I know, but you are so right :).

    Bec: That is amazing, lucky you! Have fun!

  7. Wow, what a great looking restaurant! but sadness about the seaweed salad; i feel like those are often a hit or miss.

  8. Trying To Heal: I know right! Oh well.

  9. GORGEOUS! i have never been to that part of canada, and want to go so bad. i hear tres wonderful things about it!

    and bad sushi = the worst. it just does not go down right, leaves your stomach feeling ishy and is NOT a pleasant experience.

    love ya lady :)

  10. Holly: C'est magnifique, mon amie! Yuck, yuck, yuck.


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