Saturday, April 10, 2010

au natural

Good morning! Grande coffee, black?

Yes please, thank you.

Ah, they know me so well. I am once again at Freedom of Espresso being a studious busy bee. It's not that I have an obscene amount (thankfully) but I do have quite the social schedule over the next two weeks and I want to make sure I enjoy it ;) as long as it works, whatever the motivation, right? I've become a bonafide college senior. But now, I'm on a mental break... time to rewind a bit.
Following a Thursday  afternoon of shopping and bonding with my sorority family, we stopped by yogen früz for a refreshing treat. It has been such a long time since I've had yogurt of any kind, especially frozen! I enjoyed my protein-rich plain yogurt, raspberries, and almonds so much so that we may have found a new spring tradition :).
It was a beautiful day then, somewhat like today but a great deal warmer. Although the resistant Syracuse winds and cold fronts are putting up a good fight, spring is definitely trying to bloom. Yet despite my best photographic intentions, I never seem to have my camera on me as I stroll through campus or around it so I've borrowed a few shots from my colleagues instead. 
Moving onto Friday! Rather than restrict myself to an alarm, I let my body's clock wake me... and I really slept in. The night before had been a late one with the official new member initiation so it felt even more amazing than usual. Not surprisingly, the first two things I did was eat a breakfast bowl of oats while I wrote out a rather intimidating to-do list :/.
And then came here. To Freedom of Espresso. It's no wonder they know my order already! As I read and wrote, I also thought about the future: With a bachelor's in magazine journalism and another in modern foreign languages, specifically Spanish and French, my future life could lead me anywhere. I find complete pleasure in expressing myself through words, photographs, art, et cetera; I enjoy interacting with and helping others; I have a multitude of passions without a calling. As such, I've been applying for jobs across platforms and plan on leaving fate to decide where I belong for the time being. You know, just your normal fun-loving soon-to-be graduate kind of thoughts ;).
Afterwards, I picked Abby up from the airport and skipped right on over to the gym for a run. It was too cold for me to have any desire to do it outside (what is up with the weather?) but I did want to do it. In the past week, I have really started to get the hang of running and fall in love with it again.
Back at home, I had a quick green snack before showering. Although I have most definitely been an advocate for real foods in the past two years, it wasn't until I started eating at least one salad a day that I realized how powerful it can be. Physically, I felt re-energized, and mentally, I felt satisfied. So much so that I proceeded to have another one and a bowl of healthified mac & cheese (dinner) once I was fresh and clean.
The night then continued as follows: happy hour at Chuck's, pre-party at a South apartment, and quality roommate time with Meg. Before then, however, I took about an hour to get ready. No matter how simply I eat, or exercise, I hardly go out without being thoroughly primped and put together. Vain, much? ;) Ha, whatever. I had a wonderful low-key time.
And the good times shall continue. K and I are going downtown to Armory Square tonight. We are going to begin at the Blue Tusk for a late dinner paired with deliciously rare drinks and then see where the night takes us. Not gonna lie, I've been excited all week for this! So many things just feel so right right now. Hope you're having a spectacular weekend lovelies... "Live out loud."


  1. That froyo looks AMAZING. Every time I come to your blog I love how many pics you take of your surroundings...gorgeous!! Hope you have a great Sunday chica!!

  2. I find myself doing the same thing these days--trying to get my work done ahead of time so that I can enjoy my social life for these last few weeks of the semester!

  3. Thanks?

    Gabriela: Ah, thank you! You too!

    BroccoliHut: Hehe, whatever works ;)

  4. Love it! just getting to know the blog world so sorry for the obvious comment- you're back from the round the world project?

  5. whataboutsummer: That's okay :) I spent a year studying abroad in South America and Europe and now am back for my last year of school. I've also traveled before and after and hopefully will in the future. So many beautiful places to see, people to meet, and things to taste.


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