Tuesday, April 6, 2010

hippity hop to it

Hi there, mis conejitos, or bunnies (in Spanish) as an old teacher used to say! I hope you are well :). Tuesday has passed me by so quickly, I cannot believe that it's already six at night and I'm just buckling down to read, write, and blog. It must be that crazy humidity. Speaking of, I'm going to have to figure out a way to style my hair tonight so it's presentable for my friend's 22nd birthday bar crawl. I'll be good, don't worry, tomorrow has got to be productive! Any who, I sound like I'm going nuts. Here is an overview of my Easter holiday at home with family, it was fantastical.
I awoke to my basket, not at the end of my bed, but downstairs on the dining room table. Initially, I was disappointed, and then I realized that I was 21 years old and neither of my siblings believed in the Easter Bunny anyway ;). Let's see, the padres filled it with dark chocolate, sunflower seeds, peanut butter eggs, Pink's new CD (anyone?), a bathing suit, and two books, one that's more of a joke, the other, legitimate literature. I cannot wait to break into Stolen Lives.
After scoping it out, I was ready for breakfast. I had a light morning meal of banana, avocado, and flax on toast with tea on the side.
It was delicious, pretty, and perfect. P.S. If all else fails, I may want to back to school to become a photographer, or food stylist, or both ;). What are your thoughts?
Then I got myself ready and the fam and I hopped on over to the party. It began, with a mimosa because champagne is delightful in the early hours of the day :).
Outside on the deck, my aunt had a lovely spread of appetizers of cheese, crackers, and grapes, 
along with shrimp cocktail, and camera-shy chips and roasted pecans. I snacked lightly as I caught up on life with my cousins. It was such a gorgeous day to sit outside.
The little ones also went on a major easter hunt at some point, but I was too caught to photograph.
Apparently my camera prefers to focus on inanimate things instead :) I can't get enough of spring.
My parents insisted on a handsome and beautiful picture of their own too, so there you go.
Eventually, it was time for linner. To be kid-friendly, we always seem to serve an Italian-influenced meal, and I myself had a plate of salad, string beans, and penne vodka. Bon appetit! A little while afterwards, I went back for eggplant rotini, and some more salad as well.
Wine was very much included too, of course, so by five I had already had three drinks that day. Oh happy holidays ;).
Once it was time for dessert, we sang happy birthday to my cousin Clare (middle name, Danielle, after me) who just turned four. She had quite the challenge of blowing out two sets of candles.
She also had a few adorable best friends from pre-school over to celebrate.
Besides the duo bunny cakes, (one homemade, the other Carvel), we had cookies and these odd honey balls. They look scrumptious, but we can attest that they are not.
From left to right: Danielle, Kristy, and Danielle. The Danielle that is not me is my age though. Her and I have known each other since we were about 10, when my uncle and her aunt met :).
Afterwards, another blog request, came from my cousin Gregory who made this Easter dessert creation using his own advanced foodie skills. I don't know about you, but I was quite impressed.
And there you go! Hope that those of you who celebrated had a very Happy Easter, and the others... a very happy Sunday :). Now I've got to get back to work, see you tomorrow my sweets!


  1. Love your Easter recap!! Looks like it was a perfect day, I'm digging the Italian theme meal!! Avocado and banana...sounds just crazy enough to be delicious, I may have to try that out sometime soon! Hope you have a great night chica :)

  2. Happy Easter, Danielle! Oh I definitely think you could be a food photographer :) I can totally see it! C'mon, that photo of the shrimp? It has be mouthwatering. Or just a photographer in general...all the shots from your travels are breathtaking :)

  3. Gabriela: Thank you dear! And I hope you do too :)

    Thinspired: Happy Easter to you my love! Haha, thank you :) it also helps when the food looks amazing to begin with, and there's great natural light.


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