Tuesday, February 16, 2010

traveling in sevens

"I love to travel." Really, I do. But if you're following me on Twitter, you'll know that what I really mean is being in new places and exploring different cultures, I do not actually love the process of traveling. Today was somewhat of a nightmare and yet, I'd like to recap the experience in another light, a fairy tale of sorts if you will. Enjoy ;)
Sneezy: I was up late last night finishing up an assignment for today. If I were back in Syracuse, I'd be fine. Since I wasn't, I had to complete it and send it in before flying into the air for the entirety of Tuesday morning. This stress led to a very uncomfortable night's sleep full of tossing, turning, itching and turning up the A.C. I woke up at 4:30 AM in Scottsdale, Arizona with the sniffles.
Dopey: My dad dropped me off at the airport around five. All I had to do was go through security because I already had my boarding pass (from yesterday's mishap). Sounds easy enough, except I could not find my flight on any of the departures lists. I spent the next half an hour running to and from security checkpoints until finally asking where I could find a Delta employee for assistance. They were located in terminal C, as was the gate for my departing flight... I was in terminal B. By the time I got there, I only had enough time to grab a vegetarian breakfast burrito before boarding.
Grumpy: The flight was listed as four and a half hours long. It ended up being crowded, expensive (since when do you have to pay for in-flight movies?), turbulent, and five hours by the time we were allowed to land and de-board. Air sick, I finally ran off the plan with only twenty  minutes until my next flight. Getting there was a whole 'nother rushed pain in the a**. How is it logical to have a gate number without a terminal letter in an organization of an airport of terminals A, B, C, and D? I have reconfirmed my strong dislike for JFK and Delta once again.
Happy: This flight was also delayed, but on the bright side, the extra time allowed me to finally purchase some real food for lunch. I found this great little store in my random terminal that sold only organic products. Gleefully, I bought a two bean salad, apple, cookies, a bottle of water, and a smile. Everything was spectacular, which may have been a result of my starvation, or the fact that this healthful nourishment was the highlight of my day. 
Bashful: I suppose this came and went throughout my trip of transportation. (1) My mother texted me cellphone pictures of the Grand Canyon which caused a nostalgic reminiscence of my high school trip there. (2) "It smells like onions on here," said the person sitting behind me on my last flight as I ate my late lunch. (3) Moments before landing, as I looked down at the snowy northeastern ground below me, I couldn't help but feel an overwhelmingly warm sentiment for our four seasons. I am such a softie.
Sleepy: After a long day of "traveling," and a forgotten about new member event upon my arrival back at the sorority house, I am absolutely, positively pooped. I seriously cannot wait to lie my head down, onto my clean sheets, upon my freshly-made bed. OCD anyone? I have to make sure that I sleep well too because Doc needs to make an appearance tomorrow as I get my life back together again. Sweet dreams lovelies, get excited for the next seven days of Arizona adventures!

Name that Disney movie... it's a tough one, I know :).


  1. Ich, I hate JFK too. And Delta. Except for when they upgraded me to first class for free last summer. Other than that, I usually cannot stand them.

    And Snow White is one of my top fave Disney movies. I once played Snow White!

  2. Very cute post. Amazing how we can encompass so many personalities! Glad you made it back safely.

  3. i heart this post. so glad you're home safe, and i have to agree that while travel is the most beautiful thing in the world, the actual act of getting to and from is, well, not. hope you got a good night's sleep!

  4. What a beezy of a travel back!! I'm sure if I traveled as much as you, I'd dislike the actual traveling process, too. I'm still fascinated by it, for the moment.

    I am so happy you made it there and back in one piece, though! That makes me nervous.

    Oooh fab airport food! Laguardia never has things like that, and I spent so many hours there over winter break.

    I hope you have an easy time getting back into the school thing. It's a sleepless week over here, too! Love you so much babyface!!!xoxoxo

  5. CUTE! love snow white! ahhh I hope you are surviving and thriving even without the optimal amount of sleep! now that you are back home maybe you can catch up on the resting/relaxing! I always find myself so rushed and sleep deprived after a trip because I'm trying to catch up on school-work, and my friends/the man that I missed while I was gone. I hope youre having a great wednesday gorgeous girlie!!! xoxo!

  6. La: I might have different feelings if they'd done that for me :) how awesome, I love it too!

    Kendel: Haha, right? Thanks!

    leslie: Thank you sweetheart, I heart y-o-u.

    Kailey (SnackFace): Ha, in that case, would you like to do the traveling for me? Thank you, and I couldn't agree more, that food place made my day. Good luck to you this week, as well as to me ;) love you!

    lizzy: Aw, thanks. I hope so too, it's so ironic though because I felt like I was on "vacation" away, and now, like you, I have a lot of things to catch up on. Same to you darling!

  7. Oh my gosh, traveling can be such a pain sometimes!! Once I was flying from Boston back home to Detroit. It was a large group I was with and we were scheduled for the first flight of the day. We got there (after getting 2 hours of sleep) only to find out our flight was cancelled, they re-routed us to Minnesota and then to Detroit, ALL of us were selected 'randomly' to get searched, and the flight they put us on had already boarded so we had to scurry to get to our gate. By the time we made it through security we were all annoyed and hungry so naturally we made the plane wait for us while we all bought food. :)

    I'm glad you finally made it! Oh and I got a little somethin'-somethin' in the mail yesterday. Thank you!!

  8. So sorry to hear about your traveling woes! At least you managed to fuel yourself well throughout the whole ordeal--that bean salad looks awesome:)

  9. Such a cute Snow White-themed post!

    Glad you made it back safely, sorry for delay in getting back to school though.

  10. ahhhh the joys of traveling! i don't think there is anything worse than a shitty flight experience. it can totally make you never want to travel again. who am i kidding? WE NEED TO GO ON A TRIP TOGETHER.

    my top three of the moment are argentina, greece and morocco. you in?

  11. K from ksgoodeats: Sounds horrible, I know everyone has stories like that :( but thank you! And your very very welcome :)

    BroccoliHut: Very true, thanks!

    jenngirl: Aw thank you girlie.

    Holly: Ha, YES. Let's do Greece and Morocco first, okay?

  12. This is such a creative post!
    Hehe...so funny about the person on the plane commenting about your onions. That kind of stuff happens to me when I travel all the time because I always bring my own food!
    Hope you are relaxing on your blogging break and that you come back soon :)


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