Friday, August 8, 2008

friday, funday

Haha, please. Make it stop. That was probably the cheesiest title I've ever come up with :). Still, I have to admit it's fitting because today's post starts with a little game I like to call... blog tag. I swear I'm on a roll today, everyone calls it that. Okay, ANYWAY, Erin tagged me it a couple of days ago so even though I'm a tad bit delayed with my response I thought I'd be a good sport and share some quirks. Please don't judge me. I've got a lot, they're all kind of weird and probably related so some type of OCD, so this was tough. 
1. I don't like odd numbers. Seems reasonable enough, everyone has their preferences but no, I really don't like odd numbers. And as a result, I count, pretty much everything. I'll adjust the television volume just to make it even. When I snack I always take an even amount of it, M&Ms, carrot sticks, pretzels, etc. I prefer my number of Facebook pictures to be even and have been known to alter an album so that it ends up being so. And so on and so forth... which leads me to the second one...

2. I wear 136 swipes of mascara every day and have done so ever since high school. How do I know? Well, I have a system. The first few times I had to count the strokes, base to tip, but now it's just become a habit and no matter how excessive it is, I've never changed it. Wow, I'm so completely and utterly strange. Are you sure you want to keep reading?

3. I'm overly critical. I don't mean it in a negative way, although it very well could be, but I just notice things, miniscule things in an unnaturally quick manner. Half the time I even point whatever it is out and the person I'm with would've have never payed such close attention otherwise. I think this was a "gift" from my mother, it gets annoying.

4. I love changing my bed sheets. Not the process, of course, but having the clean, fresh sheets tucked in tightly. I don't move when I'm sleeping and I like the (slightly constricting) coziness of it all. On that same note, if I happened to have made my bed badly one day aka all messy, un-tucked sheets and covers, I usually cannot fall asleep until I fix everything. Oh gosh, just so you know, I'm shaking my head at myself right now.

5. I enjoy washing dishes. Why, it's such a pain?! Well, you're right, it is, and I definitely have had too much of my share this past year when I was living in an apartment without a dishwasher, but I still find it therapeutic. Something about the running water and the continuous motion of scrubbing and placing on the drying rack relaxes me. I feel like it's one of the few times I can let my mind wander... And yet I still manage to be disappointed when it's my turn at the kitchen sink at home. Hm.

6. Red is my favorite color. It hardly seems like a quirk but bear with me. I remember when I first got my Elmo stuffed animal, furry and red, and decided that it would be my favorite color. Sixteen years later I have never once gone back on my decision. I didn't got through that stage when you change your favorite color every day and/or the phases of hot pink and baby blue. Nope, it's always just been red. I guess you could say that I'm loyal in that sense. Loyal to a color, ha.
Okay, so now that I feel like I've completely embarrassed myself it would be my turn to tag others so that they could do the same. Lucky for them ;) at this point it seems that every one of my blogging friends has already been tagged so I think I'm just going to give the game a rest. Oh breaking the rules, I'm so bad ass. 

Now... I was planning on posting my food pictures but I've run out of time, I still have to finish getting ready! Here's the daily schedule: group meeting to discuss plans for the"Día de Niños," a special South American holiday to celebrate children. The other students from my study abroad program and I are putting together an activity for underprivileged children living on the outskirts of the city; pizza party with U.Chile students that will are going to be exchange students at my university next year; my first film class that I mentioned yesterday; another fun adventure at the Entel store. I've been to this cell phone provider a couple of times and my phone still isn't working >:o. I'm hoping I get lucky today; picking up the package from my Mommy at the post office. Ah, I'm so excited, all I asked for was my vest but she said she packed all kinds of other goodies too! Alright, that's all folks. I'll be back with more yummy Chilean  f-o-o-d :) as soon as I can, TGIF!

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