Saturday, December 3, 2011

crazy, stupid, love life

'Tis the season for illness! My body was no exception this week. Despite some belated TLC, I came down with the annual strep throat. Ick. As a result, the beginning of December has been filled with lots of rest, a bit of medicine, and two movies... one being Crazy, Stupid, Love. I'm a romantic. It was adorable. 

And it reminded me of a conversation I had with a friend during our brunch date at the diner last weekend. We came to conclusion: Every relationship, romantic or not, can be a positive, healthy addition to our lives. The important ones are meant to be anyhow. That's why some people hang around while others simply pass on through, isn't it? These are the kinds of things two girls discuss over fresh coffee, a Greek breakfast wrap, and french toast :). Here's to hoping one of next week's dates turns into something, and not caring one little bit if neither ever do.


  1. oh so very true. and the knowledge to let those that dont work, and let those that do work to either continue or stop is sooo invaluable :) okay, and you've sold me (multiple times). i'm thinking a nyc breakfast run with you is in order in the near future!

  2. Hope you feel better love! I need to see that movie... And I can't wait to have similar talks with you soon!

  3. @MackenzieYes, let's go get breakfast soon! We can talk about boys and books and life and other loves. I can hardly wait.


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