Monday, February 21, 2011

winter walks into spring

It was about fifty degrees when I left work on Friday evening. Yes, fifty. The sun had been shining all day and people were bustling about (some sans jackets) enjoying the still temperate air. Shayne and I decided to skip the subway for a walk uptown, and thus, the photos above. Since then, the temperatures have again dropped; especially in Syracuse where I spent my lovely snow-laden weekend. I'll tell you more about that tomorrow though. For now, let's think about springtime in New York. It truly is a beautiful thought.


  1. oooh this makes me miss ny...and wish I could walk around the city with you. I see you were right outside madewell & topshop...jealous. it looks like a beautiful almost-spring day!

  2. Lovely photos. I've been loving this sneak peek of spring on the east coast... too bad it's sleeting in DC right now :(

  3. Yes, it was so nice while it lasted! Now we're back to the snow. :(

  4. you take the best pics! all of the different types of buildings up here are so purdy. It makes me want to have an architect friend (lol). Seriously though!

  5. There is SO MUCH to see when going for a walk!


  6. Jess@atasteofconfidence: Thank you!

    claire: Ah, let's stroll together on the next spring day? You could come back for a quick visit right? Okay, awesome. It's a date then. ;)

    Bec: Thanks, dear!

    Anna: Thank you! It was lovely while it lasted. Let's hope it comes back both again soon.

    Marina: It's right around the corner though, I can feel it :)

    Tropical Eats: Thank you, friend. Me too! How awesome would that be?!

    Sagan: I knew you'd get it!


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