Monday, February 28, 2011

think happy thoughts

And one last thing I forgot to mention: An audience member asked Elizabeth Gilbert about fear. She had a very eloquent response, as per usual, with one spectacularly memorable quote from her guru, "Fear. Who cares?" How's that for perspective, huh? Brings a whole new meaning to "Don't worry, be happy." :)


  1. Great video lady! I agree with all elizabeth gilbert said about fear...we really need to remember that happiness isn't obtained from being with another...but comes from ourself.

    And yes yes yes! Continue to take care of yourself by cooking meals, etc. Every time I get a chance to I feel so wonderful. Of course I love social meals out as well, but more time in the kitchen is so de-stressing.

    Oh, and again, I am so happy about your new job! I love The Well Daily already...I want the LA edition!

  2. You are so beautiful!! Committed sounds great, I had doubts about it but now I'm tempted to get reading!

  3. claire: Thanks, love! For everything :) Liz Gilbert is great.

    Gillian: Aw, thank you! Let me know if you do get a chance to read Committed. I hope so!


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