Sunday, February 27, 2011

it runs in the family

I had an exceptionally low-key weekend. My little sister came home from Spain today and as such, I made family the focus. Saturday though, it was all about the Grandmama...
I picked up my health-nut grandma around lunchtime. Our fun afternoon of quality time began at our favorite local and organic restaurant, The Flying Pig. I was a little chilly (a side effect of cleansing, perhaps? Anyone know?) and ordered a mint tea immediately upon sitting. 
Afterwards, we split just about everything. First, a puréed celery root and parsley soup that I absolutely loved.  I really wish I could have celery root more often; if only I knew what it looked like at the farmer's market. Ha, what an excuse.
Next, a classic chopped salad sans Maytag blue cheese. What remained: celery, carrot, chiffonade romaine lettuce, french green lentils and red wine vinaigrette. Perfection.
Then, spaghetti squash pomodoro. Please excuse my messy plate (my grandma and I shared, remember?) and "yum" out loud with me. It was delicious with garlic, brown butter, farm basil, and of course, a fresh pomodoro sauce.
Going out for a multi-course lunch is such a treat, especially when it's at a restaurant like the Flying Pig. As their website describes, they've "been a showcase and advocate for local, natural, and artisinal foods, sustainable farming, and small farmers throughout the area" since their founding by Cabbage Hill Farm owner, Nancy Kohlberg. I am more than pleased to support such a mission.
Following our meal, we headed to Mrs. Green's so that I could stock up on Crazy, Sexy supplies for the upcoming week. We were greeted at the store front with glorious samples that I could not eat. No sugar for 21 days for me! My grandma, on the other hand, is avoiding no such thing, even if she is otherwise healthy. 
She was a big fan of Angell's Organic Candy Bars and I look forward to trying them myself next month. Thirty minutes later, I got my own sweet deal though: spaghetti squash, avocados, spinach, romaine, parsnips, broccoli, lentils, brown rice, flax seed, tomato sauce, walnuts, and Sunshine burgers. And last but certainly not least, we went for manicures and pedicures. 
Please meet my delightful grandmother. Throughout our afternoon together, as we practiced our shared wellness beliefs, we discussed our similar passions. She told me how as a child in Colombia, French language classes were her favorite. She spoke of her first visit to Los Angeles and how it inspired a lifetime of trips. She even mentioned how for as much as she loved both, the need to work and raise a family didn't allow much time to pursue either. Her sister, my great aunt Debbie, was able to travel a bit more and become completely multilingual (English, Spanish, German and Japanese). Her daughter, my aunt Maryann, was able to travel even more and live abroad for quite a few years. And myself, she said, it's amazing how much I've accomplished in twenty-two years of life. If only she realized what marvelous inspiration I have to work both from and towards.


  1. Thank you for a beautiful post! You combined information, story, and pictures so artfully. Just wish I could get to the Flying Pig from NYC...

  2. lovely post about an afternoon with your grandma. She sounds like a wonderful woman, just like yourself of course. Your groceries and meal sound delicious too of course.

  3. what a sweet tale of lunch with grandma :) she seems like a cool lady, and how awesome is it that not only is she an inspiration for what she has achieved, but her present day habits - eating well and mani-pedi-ing it up - are noteworthy too! ;)

  4. ah, what a great day with your grandma! i wish i had had either of mine around longer to show them how much i've grown and we love them. your grandma certainly sounds like a wonderful and beautiful woman. and of course the eats are great too!

  5. Haha, I have a health nut grandmother too--we are the two dietitians of the family:)

  6. My grandmother has always been a voracious traveler as well- from Jordan to Cambodia, she's seen it all it seems. Even in her late 80s, she's still jetting off on trips. I hope my grandmothers will pass her longevity on to me, and yours to you!

  7. Jackie Rose: Thank you for such a beautiful response. It's just a 45-minute train ride to Mt. Kisco :)

    claire: Aw, thank you!

    Sofia: Yep, she's awesome. Glad you agree :)

    Trying To Heal: Thanks so much! I'm sure somehow they're able to see how much you've grown. I like to think that about family members lost anyhow.

    BroccoliHut: How wonderful! :)

    Anna: I'm inspired by your grandmother too! Thanks so much, I hope so too.


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