Tuesday, February 8, 2011

the well daily

It. is. freezing. Like the painful, frigid, biting at the tip of your nose kind of freezing. I'm sure many of you have been experiencing it for a while, and have had more than your wintery fill, but what's one more complaint, right? Kidding. I've just seemed to become anything but used to it after spending in Costa Rica and Panama. Still, as I stepped out of the cozy building and onto streets of Tribeca tonight, not even the piercing winds could wipe the smile off my face.
The Well Daily is an online space "made by friends [Sukey and Jackie] for friends." It is an on-the-web source of inspiration to "be well, live well, and do well." It's a daily email and website for all things yoga, meditation, nutrition, and wellness. And, it's where I'll be happily working. What's a little cold? ;)
Last Saturday I met Miss Leslie for a cozy 3-hour brunch to celebrate such an employment. Well, actually, that's not true at all. I didn't know that I'd be hired at the time but the meal was enjoyable enough! Way to be wonderful, Sanctuary T
I had a delicate mimosa, brioche french toast, almond ice cream (yes, it's winter, but it came with the meal... and rocked my world) all alongside one of their signature teas. The restaurant was created to be "a brief retreat from the clamor of city life, centered around the rituals and sensuousness of tea" as a matter of fact, and I'd say it definitely accomplished owner Dawn Cameron's goal. Yum.

In other news, but with the same tea-drinking, yogi-thinking philosophy: to receive love, we must give love. So :) inspired by Mackenzie's dear future husband series, and in the spirit of Valentine's Day, I have a wonderful little Santa Barbara Magazine Editor's Note to share. Please click and read below...
P.S. Just because it was written for a male audience, doesn't mean us ladies can't take a few tips to heart (no pun intended) as well. Don't cha' think?


  1. I am so happy about your new job! I just saw they are starting a west coast (LA) edition too! I'd love to contribute...need some way to celebrate my love for yoga, food, and life as you do!

    REALLY THOUGH, YAY! so happy for you lady!

  2. Congratulations on you job Danielle, it sounds awesome! I'm sure it makes coming back to the cold a wee bit better!

  3. congrats, lady friend!! that is fantastic! :)

    and oh man, you have no idea how happy the shout-out made me. you are seriously too sweet. :) i'm glad someone sees the letters as sweet, and not borderline creepy! always a good thing.

    and that letter. too presh.

  4. claire: THANK YOU! It's going to be a little while for us to get things up and running in LA but I'll most definitely keep you posted.

    Susan: Thank you! It makes coming back worth it in every way :).

    Mackenzie: Thanks so much, dear! My pleasure for the shout-out, it's very much well-deserved and so not creepy :).


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