Saturday, February 12, 2011

weekend wonderings

I wonder: How did I forget about the spare tire on my car? Can't drive to Syracuse with that one. And even if I did get my flat tire fixed this morning, there's no way that the four-hour drives to and from would make the barely weekend visit worth it. I guess I'll save the celebrating for next weekend. What to do today and tomorrow then? Pampering. Not because I'm having a "poor me, single gal" moment, but rather because for as glorious as this week has been, it's wiped me out. I need some TLC. Since when did Valentine's Day shift from a holiday about love to one about relationships anyway? Speaking of the many romantic dinners that will take place tonight, I'm looking forward to some cooking and baking of my own. The house will be completely empty. What should I whip up for the first time this year? The ability to prepare my own feasts is actually the one thing I miss when traveling. It won't keep me from doing it though. Discovering new places, new people, new cultures and new languages is, ahh, delightful. Where will I go next? Perhaps only time will tell. I'm beyond thrilled with my new job (as if you didn't notice) but I won't succumb to the pressures of the daily grind. I've already promised myself that I will continue to pursue my passions; I will make time for art galleries and hikes, weekend getaways and international trips. I'd include yoga too, but considering it's the focus of The Well Daily in the first place, there's no question it'll already be integrated into my new routine. What else will be given high priority? Well, reading. This is a recent revelation as I've realized that books keep me present. Otherwise, I would surely wonder the whole day away.

Photo from Panama

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