Tuesday, May 25, 2010

home sick

Hello again! Oh it feels good to be back. First order of business: don't take this post's title too seriously :) it's not that I've been missing home (I'm here for "good," after all) or even that I'm sick of it yet but this is literally the first day I've been feeling 100% well. I've basically been a mess with a bad cough, major congestion, and a multi-day headache... in addition to losing my voice. Gross ;) apparently ten days of non-stop "senior/graduation" partying doesn't deliver the best of health. Who knew?!
After the first few days of not really eating much at all, I broke out the stove-top oatmeal last Friday morning. I had mixed my steel cuts with the last of the rolled oats that I had brought from school for a multi-texture bowl that I made the usual way with banana and fresh blackberries. Then, of course, there are the staples of the morning green tea and verre d'eau.
I've also made a return to peanut butter... for no other reason other than the fact that my mom bought a fresh container upon my return. It's a nice change but I do miss my Marantha almond deliciousness. What's your favorite nut butter?
The weather has been gorgeous, so even when I haven't been feeling in tip-top shape, I've been taking my dogs for walk to combine fresh air and a bit' o ejercicio. Walking alongside the Bronx River Parkway path in the late morning/early afternoon issuch a pleasure, mostly when Sable and Colby aren't pulling on their leashes in different directions :).
Besides today's treat, (of which I'll get to tomorrow,) lunch, has been boring.
I haven't been feeling like anything heavy so toast with hummus and spinach was usually just enough, without being too much, to get me by. Fruit was also unappetizing at the time so there goes that snack. Talk about bland!
Thankfully, the afternoons that have followed haven't been half bad. On Wednesday, I went down to the Bronx Zoo and was really excited... like really, really excited. When I was little I used to adore going to the zoo because I've always found animals to be so amazing to watch. I wanted to be a vet, after all.
This time though, as much as I enjoyed it to an extent, a couple of animals and their exhibits just made me sad. Quite a few are ridiculously far from their natural habitat and just didn't seem to be content with their manmade home. I don't know, I guess ignorance really is bliss. Still, they were beautiful, and I'm glad that I went to pay them a visit (since the money spent does go towards some conservation projects). How do you feel about zoos?
The best photos I got are the four above: a peacock, red panda, elephants, and sea lions. The red panda has always been my favorite animal. Why? I think because red is my color of choice and I like bamboo. Or some concrete reason like that ;).
By Sunday, I was much more back to my usual chipper self. My best friend Chrissie (and Laura too actually) just graduated from Fordham University and I went over to her house that evening for a little celebration. They had a delectable dinner spread of salad with gorgonzola, penne vodka, tomatoes and mozzarella, garbanzos, and Italian bread. There were quite a few carnivorous options as well :) but I obviously did not help myself to that part of the table.
If nothing else, being home is good for ^this^. Although I have stayed very close with a few of my high school bests, there are far too many people that I've lost touch with. Now, between Sunday night at Chrissie's party, and last night at a nearby bar, I have reconnected with dozens of these wonderful people. And I will actually be dining with a couple of them at a new Pleasantville soon-to-be (I can feel it) favorite, Haven tonight. This is going to be one great summer, I just know it.


  1. I always love your morning oats! Maranthana's crunchy peanut butter is actually REALLY good, but i've been obsessed with tj's sunflower seed butter and roasted almond butter as of late :)

    I'm glad you're starting to feel better...being sick is seriously the worst but sometimes inevitable after several consecutive, crazy days/nights!! ;)

    But oh, now that you mention it--the zoo probably isn't the most animal-nurturing place, but I did adore it when I was younger!

    Have fun with your friends! You are most definitely right!! This is going to be a great summer.

  2. My boyfriend goes to Fordham, and I've never been to the zoo! I always ask him to go, but we've never gotten there. Looks like you had a lot of fun at the party, I hope this summer is everything you want it to be!!

  3. I have been to the Syracuse zoo more times than I can count, and to the Buffalo zoo once. But I was really young for that one, I don't really remember. I'm sure you must have made it to the Syracuse zoo at least once during your time there. I feel the same way about zoos.. I love to see the animals that I might never ever see otherwise, but at the same time I feel terrible that they are confined like that.

    This post reminds me I need to grab some fresh tomatoes and mozzarella cheese and mix them! I love that salad :)

  4. Glad to hear you're feeling a bit better now!
    Those blackberry oats sound lovely.

  5. I recently discovered your site through your posts on Go Backpacking. I like the site. Interesting video you had last post.....After reading lots of your posts, I'm hungry. Have you ever heard of the site "http://www.wearenotmartha.com/" they are a big food blog. Check them out!

  6. i found a difference between us! must be the only one. :) i actually
    despise zoos. my parents took my sister and i to the bronx zoo when
    we were little, and we both complained incessantly the entire time. our favorite part was the monorail lol.

    anyway, i'm glad to see you smiling more and living life in the present at home. everything is better in summer, i think. i agree it's going to be a great one - um, starting with the first anniversary of your 21st bday, of course!

  7. Faith @ LovelyAsChargedMay 26, 2010 at 8:56 AM

    I'm a Naturally More PB kind of girl. And I love the zoo - especially the elephants! The San Diego Zoo is pretty legendary!

  8. Jess: So do I :) so do I. Wow, sunflower seed butter, maybe that's my next purchase! Thank you and same to you and yours.

    Gabriela: Free admission on Wednesday... I don't see why you shouldn't go next week ;) thanks! Right back at 'cha!

    Rachel: Yes I have and I totally agree with the mixed feelings about them. But on an overwhelmingly happy note... enjoy that caprese salad!

    BroccoliHut: Thank you!

    Nomadic Matt: Glad you found me! It's definitely a nice change of pace from predominately travel or food even (I also write for the Lost Girls). Sorry to make you hungry but I hope you enjoyed your post-blog meals ;) thanks for the blog recommendation!

    leslie: Haha, and I love the monorail. But, you're right, apparently we aren't the same exact person. I suppose it's kind of comforting ;) can't wait to kick off my summer officially!

    Faith @ LovelyAsCharged: Yeah, I have been but I swear there is something about Marantha. Ahmazing :). According to my mom, I have been to the San Diego Zoo and I loved it but I hardly remember. Enjoy!

  9. I haven't had the maranatha AB, just the pb which was sweetened with cane juice by accident...it wasn't my favorite. I love TJ's raw creamy almond butter, justins maple almond butter, and naturally nutty vanilla almond butter. I guess I am just all about the AB these days...

    Zoos...well, I do feel pretty bad about the animals being so far from their natural habitats but at the same time some are rescued from far worse living arrangements. I am still unsure about whether or not I will ever bring my kids to them..I suppose some are better than others.

    Sometimes hanging out with old HS friends is all ya need to start feeling better!

  10. afreshdille: I miss my AB! Very good points, my dear!

  11. Wow, what a wonderful resume! How did you score an internship @ Fitness?!?

  12. Hillary [Nutrition Nut on the Run]: Thank you! I just did my best, applied, interviewed and had one of the best summers of all time :) I even went back this past winter. They have an amazing staff!


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