Thursday, May 27, 2010


Good morning, my sweets! I have really got to get into the habit of waking up earlier. I haven't been able to sleep in this much, or this often, since at least the summer between eighth and ninth grade... er, in that case, I suppose I should just enjoy it ;). Anyway, I thought I'd share one of my unique qualities with you today: my nearly OCD desire to plan and my "irresponsible" yearning for spontaneity. Oh, yeah. Life is a series of moments, most of which you can prepare yourself for, but every now and then, people and things come out of seemingly nowhere, and even a control freak like me has learned to run with it. Pull in my innate sense of optimism, and most of these surprises are good ones, great even.
For instance, I haven't quite yet told you about my internship, have I? Well then :) I will at least spend the next three months interning for Quirky. They are a social product development company that works directly with inventors and turn dreams into reality through production, promotion, and distribution of whatever the product may be. Pretty cool, huh?! And yet not at all what I thought I'd be doing, having been formally trained in magazine journalism with professional experience in the online world... that's what makes this opportunity, all the more exciting. I can't wait to start next Tuesday!
I also could not have foreseen my sudden obsession with eggs, I have literally been craving them from morning until night. Thankfully, because I now have an entire kitchen at my disposal (sigh), I can create my meals accordingly, be it in the form of an omelette, scrambled, or even this frittata which I forgot to photograph but came out amazingly. If it weren't so hot the past few days I'm sure I could've thrown eggs into a few baked goods as well ;) but for now, I'm sticking with goat cheese and vegetables into them alone. So. not. complaining.
Or this one: Guess who is going to the Yankees game this Friday? Yep, this girl. And it's especially exciting because I just went to one last week. The new stadium is nothing short of incredible, and although I don't follow baseball to a fault, I do enjoy cheering for the winning team, otherwise known as the Yanks ;). This week I'm joining one of my best blog friends, her sister, and their generosity to watch our favorite team play the Cleveland Indians. Looking forward to a great game!
Another example is my ever-expanding blog world. I'm sure that I'm biased but I'd like to share two particular links with you. One is my friend Jenn's blog, A Knack for Nutrition, that follows her journey to healthy, happiness, and strength. She also happens to be studying abroad in Strasbourg, which is, of course, awesome.  And the other is my friend Kate's NEW blog, A Fresh(er) Look. She describes her writing as bits and pieces of her life as a college design student and she is absolutely fabulous. Enjoy. It is funny to have my friends become bloggers when so many others seemed to have gone the opposite direction like the wonderful Liz and Kailey, both of whom I've caught up with, or will catch up with, this week. How I adore my blog friends so!
Then there's this little thing: my summertime goal to join a gym. Do you know that I fundamentally hate gyms? I can't stand the meat head or the twiggy environment and I am what one may call a self-conscious exerciser (okay, okay, I can't imagine being labeled anything else). But! I want to try some new exercise classes. In the next few weeks I hope to join a studio, or fitness center, or even a class or two, I just need to find one(s) that works with my budget, time constraints, and location limitations. Any suggestions for what to look for? Newbie-alert.
And finally, I will be 22 years old on Saturday. It shouldn't actually be unexpected at all, especially not to me, (I know this,) but I've practically been forgetting daily that my birthday is this upcoming weekend.  It is a nice thing to remember :). I intend to spend the day with my family before meeting my crew (ha) at Spring Street Natural for a late dinner of natural cuisine and exquisite cocktails/wine. After that? We shall see, a little bit of the unknown is a wonderful thing. I am convinced. On that note, what's made your summer exciting so far?


  1. The frittata looks amazing! Enjoy Spring Street Natural... I went to a nice blogger meet-up there in January. And Happy (early) Birthday!

  2. It has been so long since I've had eggs but those photos make me want some!

    Happy early bday lady! I have had many tasty meals at Spring St. Natural with friends, so I am uber jealous! I am sure you will have a great bday weekend.

    Oh and I am going to a baseball game on your bday! I definitely don't follow baseball but gotta support the Americana with my boyf, who doesn't love it either...but just loves America and Sports. ha.

  3. LOOOOOOVE YOU!!!! So stoked for your internship, your going to the Yanks game (I'm going to a baseball game Friday, too!) and for our impending phone convo!!!! Woohoo!!

  4. Happy early birthday to you!

    I am also obsessed with eggs and yours look fantastic!

  5. Marina: Thank you! I went there two years ago for dinner and loved it so I'm excited :).

    Little Bookworm: Thanks, love!

    afreshdille: I almost feel bad about giving your vegan-self cravings ;) thank you so much, I fully intend to! Enjoy the game :)

    Kailey (SnackFace): Love you too, times a million. So many amazing things for the both of us right now!

    Ameena: Thank you, darling!

  6. Sounds like an amazing internship!
    I, too, have been craving eggs lately--yum!

  7. BroccoliHut: Thanks, I'm really excited to get started. What are you talking about? Your meals are always eggcellent ;) too cheesy?

  8. first of all - lolll at your "crew." i'm psyched to be a part of the d. alvarez posse.

    i fully support your egg obsession - i used to never crave them (i think too many egg white scrambles in another time of life ruined them for me), but i've since discovered that there are about 100 things you can do with an egg that make them completely wonderful. i think poached with runny yolks are my favorite.

    can't wait to hear more about your internship and well, everything. see you soooooon!

  9. Happy almost birthday!

    I'll be gym hunting in the fall, too, when I (theoretically!) get salaried, so I'm interested to see how your search goes!

  10. leslie: Hahaha, I know! I cracked myself up with that one ;) who am I? Poached egg, I like the way you think. See you tonight!

    Faith @ LovelyAsCharged: Thank you sweetheart! I will certainly keep you posted. Good luck with the real job hunt! Eek :)


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