Tuesday, May 18, 2010

senior week, days 1, 2 & 3

As I'm sure you could tell, Syracuse University and I hit it off instantly. I had the time of my life there, and yet, quite unfortunately, those four years flew on by. I am now officially an SU graduate and home for good. In order to alleviate the sting I plan on re-living highlights of my last week right here. Get it? Got it? Good :).
Last Monday was spent studying, Tuesday was spent final-taking (Communication Law), and Wednesday was spent kicking-off the enjoyment of being done with academics. I had a late morning and went straight to lunch with my AXO family. In an attempt to answer my cravings, I ordered a tuna green salad wrap with the quintessential chocolate-chip cookie from A la Mode. Hit the spot like none other. The entire meal was bittersweet though, and by it's end, I said goodbye to Nicole and Kate :(.
Following a somewhat relaxing afternoon, I then went out to dinner with Genevieve (from my entire study abroad experience) and others at the Mission. It was my first time there but I had already heard all about the Pan-American cuisine and the former church location.
It was beautiful and delicious. We first enjoyed a basket of chips and pico de gallo (more so them than me, I am just not a chip person) with our various alcoholic beverages.
Afterwards, I devoured my veggie-filled burrito topped with refried vegetarian beans, salsa, and guac, alongside a cabbage salad. 'Twas wonderfully satisfying. So much so that when they ordered a tres leche cake for dessert, I only had a small tasting bite. Next came round two of goodbyes. They weren't any easier.
Thankfully I had a fun night to look forward to. Continuing on a tradition of many many years, my best friends and I embarked on the Senior Bar Crawl. Can you spot me? 2010 brought a delightful plan of tequila shots at Faegan's, a shared fishbowl at Lucy's, and a pitcher at Chuck's...
We had a blast to say the least ;).
Much to my surprise, I awoke bright and early the next morning with the excitement of the day to come. K and I had another international trip planned: Niagara Falls and Toronto, Canada. We had such a great time that I am quoted in saying, "Forget Disney World, Canada is the happiest place on earth." Details to follow! For now, I can honestly say that I'm feeling better already...


  1. It's so fun to relive old memories, and to make new ones. I promise you there is so much waiting for you, and you will also get to bring lots of those people and past adventures with you. I think of my post-college weeks with a heavy heart, and it was almost a decade ago! But I can tell you I just get happier and happier!

  2. Travel Eat Love: Thank you for all of this. Is it so obvious that I need to "hear" it? ;) I wouldn't be surprised. I truly appreciate the positive perspective, you're so right.

  3. Love the post lady! I agree with T.E.L. that you have so much in store for your future! My sister has been so upset these last few days and I keep telling her the important friends will always be there even if you are in a different place in your life.

  4. Wow, your senior week looks awesome--far superior to ours!

  5. afreshdille: So true, thank you!

    BroccoliHut: Aw, I'm sure both were glorious :) congrats to you!


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