Sunday, May 2, 2010

stoked & sentimental for life

Hey there, good lookin'. What a past two days I've had! Pro: I crammed in everything I wanted to do. Con: I'm behind on studying for finals and preparing for final assignments. Pro: No con, no matter how important, could make me regret any of it.
Most of Saturday was spent inside the confines of my study zone. I worked on my magazine article and an iced coffee at Freedom of Espresso for the early afternoon and then made my way over to Panera for the rest of it. I've been getting excited about how well the article is coming together; Countless studies, ten interviews, seven references and three months later and I am almost done! Although I doubt I'd wish to read about fertility, infertility or acupuncture for the next hundred years, I hope you're interested in reading it eventually :). 
I also squeezed in a bit of Spanish-paper-writing and Beer-final-studying. Did you know that a good beer is essentially ruined when a slice of lemon or orange is added? Anyway, supposedly the weather was beautiful. I obviously completely missed out, but with good reason. Case in point:
Saturday night. A group of 13 girls and I went to Tokyo Seoul to celebrate our friend's second 21st birthday (otherwise known as her twenty-second birthday but who's counting?).
Despite our reservation, we were sent to the bar, before being seated, as the staff prepared our table for us. I had a glass of refreshing Pinot Grigio to keep me company.
Not too long after, it was onto the food! FYI: This Korean restaurant is popular for it's Japanese Hibachi. No questions asked, we enjoyed soups (mine was miso) and salads as watched as the chef prepared our meal right before our eyes.
Later, as I nearly cleared my plate, I was thinking about how unhealthy my dinner most likely was... and how I did not give a damn. When I think of living a healthy lifestyle, it is representative in times like this. You see, most of the time, I eat well and clean because it makes me feel my best and is ultimately better for my health, but on that same token, doing so allows me to have these out-to-dinner meals (that don't quite get the nutritionist's bill of health) without guilt. Mental well-being is just as important as, if not more so, than physical well-being. Nourish your soul.
And that is why it is important to have fun and live a little, or a lot. I did not partake in the sake-bombing at dinner (I was a driver, after all) but I certainly enjoyed watching it and once home, made up for it with a fabulously-extended night on the town Marshall Street.
Thankfully, beneath my fun-loving exterior I am quite the mature little college student, so I made sure that I was able to hop out of bed at 8 a.m. this morning. I had a race to run for me. Remember?! Breakfast was thus kept light, highly-digestible, and energizing: almond butter toast with cinnamon and banana, cut into fours because I am additionally a child at heart.
At nine, myself and three other lovely girls drove down to Clinton Square for the Mountain Goat Run.  I was pretty excited to pick up my shirt and get right up to that starting line :). 
I love the energy on race day! Without that, I doubt I would have made it through as quickly as I did (15:42). The run itself was fine, I had prepared myself well, the air, on the other hand, was disgusting. I was literally carving my way through it with each stride. 
But of course, despite our states of complete grossness, Kate and I were pretty thrilled and proud to have made it through with flying colors. Following a the entirety of a refreshing water bottle and quite a few orange slices (I felt like I was at an AYSO soccer game), we walked over to the starting line again to watch our other friends take off for their 10 miles. There were so many people, young and old. Inspirational, to say the least!
Then we made our way back to the Syracuse University campus, but not before acting our age and posing along the way.
It was a spectacular morning and I only have Kate to thank: When I found myself suddenly single, it was her that suggested I find something healthy to motivate and distract myself with. Enter my re-entry into running, and putting myself back together again. What will I do without her and everyone else in a few months?

Hi, my name is Danielle, and I apparently cry for everything. Oh yes, sentimental Sunday made an appearance once again, and multiple times this round! In addition to my last day of classes ever (this Tuesday), last final ever (next Tuesday), and my first day as a college graduate (the Sunday after next), tonight marked my last Alpha Chi Omega chapter meeting. 
I will also be moving out of the house three Mondays from now, unless I can figure out to pause time...


  1. That's interesting about beer - there's this absolutely awful beer (Knight's Head) that has orange peel in it. It's cheaper than Natty and so gross. Now I know why! I just wonder why they do it...

  2. You have such an amazing perspective on life, health and livin' !! I love it so, so much....and look up to you so, so much :)

    Your weekend sounds absolutely perfect--filled with good friends, some productivity at the coffee shop, a race (congrats!) and good food (I had that same banana/ab toast breakfast as pre-(pool party) drinking fuel, hahaha)! Enjoy your last few weeks xoxoxo

  3. Congrats on being so close to finishing your article--I can't wait to see the finished product.
    I love your perspective on healthy eating--it should be about feeding your soul as much as your body:)

  4. Congrats on the running!!!! And I love hibachi style cooking and fully agree on your philosophy on healthy eating :)

  5. Way to go on that race! remind me, where are you moving? Back home? Or to someplace new? I so admire your contentment and excitement about life (being a fellow Gemini and all!) :)

  6. lookthroughmyspecs: The idea is that if the beermaker intended the beer to have fruit flavors, s/he would have brewed it right in there and in the past, fruit has been physically added by the bartender to mask a good beer. Know that you know... bottoms up! ;)

    jesslikesithot: Aw, Jess! I can't believe somebody looks up to me for that :) I've definitely had some ups and downs in figuring out my healthy lifestyle and I'm still learning but thank you for your support. I'm trying to make the best I can out of these next few weeks! Hope the same for you too, even though lucky you gets to go back next year :).

    BroccoliHut: Thank you! I don't really have too much of a choice... it's due on Tuesday :). I'm glad you do, you're an inspiration to me too my love!

    sprinkledwithcinnamon: You girls are awfully good at fueling my ego ;) thanks!

    jamesdeanrodehere: Thanks sweetheart! Those are some great questions :) the plan is to move back home (immediately outside of New York City) and work in Manhattan so that I can save some money. However, if my dream job suddenly drops from the sky, and they are able to pay me enough that I can move out to wherever and completely support myself, then so be it. We shall see! Rock on Gemini ;).

  7. i don't know which mantra i like better - "nourish your soul" or "stay stoked for life" - they are both so, 100%, exactly how i'm feeling these days. our mindsets are basically identical as usual (unsurprising, of course).

    congrats on the (super fast!) run! and don't worry about the tears - i'm a total crier too. it's understandable considering where you are right now.

    also, does this mean that i have been ruining blue moons all these years with the orange slice? seriously, who knew.

  8. Amazing weekend. I love how full of life you are in all the pics :) Congrats on the run!! Hope you have an amazing Monday girl, I know you'll make the most of these last three weeks! xoxo

  9. Faith @ LovelyAsChargedMay 3, 2010 at 9:09 AM

    Congrats on everything - the run, the good times, the graduation, and the completely wonderful outlook on life! I just graduated too and it's totally bittersweet :/ I know life is just beginning but it feels like so many of the best parts are ending. It's scary but I know the future is going to be amazing!

  10. I love your balance of play and work. This is such an exciting time with so many things happening for you!

  11. leslie: Love both mantras, love you, and love your complete and utter understanding of me :). Yes! Try a Blue Moon w/out, my prof swears it's better.

    Gabriela: It was! And thank you!

    Faith @ LovelyAsCharged: That was one loaded congratulations ;) thank you so so much. You're so right, the memories are wonderful, the future is going to be amazing, and right now is pretty great too.

    Sagan: Thanks! You too!

  12. what a full table of friends! how fun. (plus we know running in races is all about the tshirts at the end- good job)

  13. whataboutfun: Haha, too funny. Thanks!

  14. Ok seriously, this post is making ME nostalgic! Oh college :o)

    I love the fun dinner! I just watched the sake video on Facebook - haha!

    I will ABSOLUTELY want to read your magazine article. Please send it my way!

    Hurray for the run, too! I said it on Facebook and I'll say it again - you are such a talented woman and I see very big things in your future! Looking forward to reading about it all! Congrats on the impending graduation!

  15. Jenn (eating bender): Jenn! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I really needed some post-colllege wisdom today. Hope this whole graduation thing is worth it ;)

  16. great perspective hun. live it up and no regrets; it's no way to live a full and happy life like the one you are!

    great job and looks like so much fun w/ that race!

  17. Awesome format for your blog, found it somehow via another travel blog.

  18. Trying to Heal: Thank you!

    Kevin: Oh, thanks so much. I would tell you where I found it but I don't recall :)


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