Sunday, May 9, 2010

turning into my mother

I can hear it in the way I speak, see it in the facial expressions I make, and feel it within my most inner-thoughts and opinions. There's evidence to show that I've inherited her body as well.
In the past twenty-two years, I've managed to acquire her sense of sarcastic humor, her sensitive resilience, her sharp mind, her generous thoughtfulness, and her zest for life.
I am most certainly turning into my mother, and I am oh-so-thankful that. She is an incredible woman.
Happy Mother's Day, Mom! And to the many generations of moms that came before you (my dad's side of the family included). Even in the midst of all this graduation craziness, I wish I was home to celebrate.


  1. I just found you and had to follow since 1, I really like your blog, and 2, I am from Upstate NY and you are the ONLY person I have seen in blogland who lives there!! I am from Canton, (2 and a half hours north of Cuse,) and I now live in NC. I have a ton of family in Syracuse though.. it's weird to see some of your pictures and be like, I know where that is. Anyway, great blog, I love it!!

  2. Your mama is GORGEOUS! You come from great stock, D. I can also tell that I'm turning into my mother, and while I may have resisted it a bit in high school, now I couldn't be more proud.

  3. Rachel: Aw so glad you found me! Thank you!

    Katie: Thanks lovely! I'm sure :).

  4. Love the shot of you and your mama and the curling iron in great. I definitely can tell I am turning into mine as well, but I won't fight it! Hope you had a great weekend girlie.

  5. Aww this is sweet- mamas are pretty spectacular.

    PS I love your new blog name/layout etc... it really suits you!

  6. afreshdille: Haha, thank you! Same to you.

    Sagan: Thanks so much :)


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