Monday, November 19, 2012

now that's what I call comfort

Autumn is my favorite season. For the longest time I thought it was spring, but then literally missed it while I was living in Chile and instead went from summer to winter to spring to winter to spring. By the time I was able to enjoy fall again in 2009, I reveled in it. And I've loved it ever since. It's such a special time in New York.
Unfortunately, it's somewhat less so in Paris: Only recently have the leaves changed color, and it's already pretty chilly. Apple-picking is hardly a pastime and pumpkin-flavored anything is harder to find. Blue skies are also a rarity. My favorite season here has been marked by rain, lots and lots of it.
It does make it easier to stay in and do schoolwork though! Or venture to a café (Australian-inspired) and discover that although it may not feel like fall to me, Paris appreciates seasonal menus as well.
[butternut squash & carrot soup]
[salad of fall greens, persimmon, and fingerling potatoes]
Not to mention that the walks to and from whichever café are always scenic, right?
And when it gets to me--the grey skies, the wet shoes, the cold winds, and above all else, the grad school stress--I can always meet a friend at a local brasserie for a glass of wine and the most comforting of simple French comfort food (in my opinion): the croque madame
Sometimes all it takes is a step back to find there's a particular beauty in Paris' autumn, too.


  1. Beautiful photo of the rainbow behind the buildings! I've never had that soup before, but it looks absolutely satisfying during the fall!

    1. Thanks, Milynn! It was such a beautiful sight, too. It was perfect for fall, just like most soups :)


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