Tuesday, October 4, 2011

nine one four

I've been living in my parents' house for almost two weeks, and I have two more weeks to go. How's it going? Fine. I did enjoy being less busy, but that lasted for about 48 hours and I've since become bored. Home isn't at all like Westchester Magazine described in their 914 vs. 212 feature: "like Manhattan with trees."
Then again, I do love those trees. It's beautiful being surrounded by fall. And, it has been really nice to be able to spend more time with my family and friends.
Dinners at some of Westchester's best restaurants has also been a perk. Last week I met a friend at my favorite wine bar, and this past weekend, my grandmother and I tried Jill Rose's Chiboust. (She's formerly of Lespinasse and La Caravelle.) The most memorable meal I've had though has been at the Iron Horse Grill. It even gave its neighbor, Haven, a run for their money.
The service, first of all, was impeccable. Sure, we were the first diners there, but still. The owner was standing outside as we arrived and walked us to our seats. Our waitress recommended a perfect Cabernet and offered to let us try a small cup of the soup of the day when I was unsure about ordering it. The bus boy delivered an amazing bread basket with more-flavorful-than-usual butter right away.
Furthermore, the ambiance is just charming. It's housed in Pleasantville's former train station and I loved how we had it all to ourselves for most of the meal.
Most importantly, the seasonally-chosen food is excellent. I enjoyed a roast fillet of halibut in a black truffle vin blanc with rutabaga mousse and flowering kale. My grandmother had the butternut squash and pecorino ravioli in a sage & sun-dried tomato pesto and an Iron Horse Chopped Salad. Everything, amazing.
Then, as if I hadn't already fallen in love with the place three times over, we were served a small plate of bakery-fresh cookies with our check. Who am I kidding? It's good to be home. 

Now for apple-picking, pumpkin-filled farmers markets, and autumn hikes...

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