Friday, November 9, 2012

fall break in bretagne, part 1

As a result of more pressing (and, let's be serious, important) matters like the American presidential election and Hurricane relief in New York, I've failed to update you on the adventures of this past weekend. Not to worry, the time has come. I'd intended to visit Marie for my fall break, but when she instead suggested a getaway to Brittany, a northwest region of France, I couldn't refuse; crêpes originated there.
On Wednesday evening, Marie picked up Amy, a fellow grad student and I from the corner of Paris. Our first destinatinon: Rennes, the capital of the region and the hometown of Marie's former flatmate (who'd also come along for the ride). Upon arrival we went straight to bed, but on Thursday morning, despite the fact that mostly everything was closed for the holiday, we explored.
By noon though, we were on the road again. There was a very beautiful rocky island with a monestary on the agenda...

Climbing towards the absolutely stunning monestary for which the tiny island is known, we stopped into one of the many restaurants for omelettes and cider. I had mine with house-smoked salmon. Service may have sucked (kind of a lot) but it was pretty darn tasty, and so with full, happy bellies we continued up.
The view was incredible and the inside architecture wasn't too shabby either.

Following our lovely and free (I love being a student) visit, Marie and I couldn't resist investing in the quintessential Mont Saint-Michel souvenir: les galettes de la Mère Poulard. This biscuits, otherwise known as butter cookies, carry on "the ancestral tradition" of the famous cook and her "traitional sugar crust biscuits." And afterwards, we were treated to views of the island at sunset:
It was 6ish by the time we got back to the car, but thanks to our late lunch, we were satiated enough to directly continue on our way. Stay tuned for our stay in Plagasnous! And please, if can, try to pronounce it. It was literally as cute as it sounds.


  1. I must say I am envious of your posts as of late. Your travels are amazing and I am glad I can at least watch from afar!

    1. Thanks, darling! It's certainly an amazing experience though I must admit I feel myself getting "older" and wanting to settle in more :).


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